How do you know if your in ketosis??


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I'm on day 5 now with no cheating at all and my stomach is still rumbling is that normal. I'm not particularly hungry but I do look at food and think ohhh I'd like to eat
I'm drinking 5 pints of water a day.
My mouth is a tad dry but my breath isn't smelly (I've been asking my hubby and mom a million times a day..haha)
I am cold but then it is freezing weather isn't
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Normally when you are in ketosis you will notice that hunger is greatly reduced and in some the feeling of hunger goes away altogether.

Some not all, also get a feeling of well-being or a ketosis high.

Ketosis can be detected in the urine.

Also, sometimes on the breath but this is temporary and can be reduced by adequate water intake and mouth rinsing with a mouthwash like Listerine or Oraldene.

I hope that helps!

Love Mini xxx


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S: 18st11lb G: 12st0lb
Thanks all. I guess until I get the sticks I won't know for sure. I better be though after all these days with no food..hehe


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good luck sammy on your cd journey!!..xx


Hi i always used ketosis sticks before normally around day 3 you get really cold hands and feverish i find keto stiks fab as im not very good at drinking water and they will tell you if u need to up the amount you drink. hope this helps


hi sticks are£5 and youcan get them from any chemist... I test every 3-4 days as I'm trying different teas...
x x x


What are teh sticks called?