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how do you make a muffin?

See in the STICKY section, there is a link with "Unoffical Recipes"....all the items are there! juffins and loads more! Its a bit trial and error to start - I suggest always checking your microwave as you go to make sure not burning or cooking too much - then you get the hang of it!

Good luck! :)


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all the recipes are in this thread here http://www.minimins.com/lighter-life-forum/6012-unofficial-recipes-food-packs.html
yes you can have mousse and muffins in your first week, but you should limit to cooking only one pack per day. Mousse isn't classed as cooked as you just mix it with less water.
The muffins are lovely, I am having a caramel one as we speak.
I think the muffins and crisps are the most popular recipes.
You may need to perfect the recipe yourself.
I have an 800 watt microwave and find that I need 1 min 40 secs for a muffin made to a 'gooey' consistency.
They really do help if you are missing something to bite.

Deb G

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I have an 800 watt microwave and find that I need 1 min 40 secs for a muffin made to a 'gooey' consistency.
They really do help if you are missing something to bite.
Yep - I use the same wattage and time, and mine are gorgeous. To make them last longer, leave the muffin to cool, slice it in half (like you would a victoria sandwich) so you have two thinner muffins. Then put half your thick mousse/icing on one, half on the other, and you have TWO yummy cakes!!! Heaven!

Particular favourites = choc with strawberry icing and caramel with banana icing (like a banoffee pie).

Guess what's for MY tea!:p
I just made the vanilla muffin and it was gorge!!
really really enjoyed it. was like all doughy and lovely =]
a really nice change xx


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funnily enough, I haven't tried a vanilla muffin, I always add coffee to it.
Does it taste like a plain type cake?
Glad you liked it, it really helps, I think to have something resembling normality!
I am getting addicted to cooking these packs.
I just had Thai crisps for tea, not a total success, think I may have had the paste too thick as the thin ones were best, but they tasted ok, will probably try again.
Can anyone describe the consistency I need to make decent crisps, also I thought someone said they get about 20, I only got about 8, so I must have done something wrong.
Hi ALi....I have got mine to where they are very nice adn I do get 20 of them....I mix the soup thinner then described in the recipe. The recipe says a thck paste....bbut I make mine way thinner then that. The consistency is maybe about that of....ummm....Brown Sauce? Or Ketchup> Its quite soft, but not runny. I used 4 Tablespoons and then a coule of teaspoons full (and accurate measuring spoons, not normal cutler) and that was about tight for the Thai ones.....the chikcen mixes different and needs less water.

You should be able to scoop out a little with a teaspoon, and tap it down onto the paper...it should spread just slighlty but still kind of hold its shape.

Hope that helps.
yeah almost like a choc chip muffin minus the choc chips!!
dead nice and chewy =]
I have made three really nice muffins this week....

Banana/Caramel with Banana Frosting, with copped Peanut bar mixed in - thats was FAB!!! Really nice texture with the bar in it....

Then I made a Chocolate with Fruits of the Forest flavour, again with the chopped peanut bar and that was dead scrumy - just like a really nice stodgy brownie.

Tonight I Made a Cappuccino muffin...Vanilla with coffee and sweetner, frostd with Chocolate also with a spoon fo coffee....very good.

I am beginning to enjoy these. There was too much frosting so I ate it like mousse and it was goood!!

So I am seeing the value of more shake packets on next weeks list!
LOL - too right Ali!! I would say more days in the week but that would just delay our goals!!

The mousee - it was LUSH!!!

I have found that mixing the powder with warm water works much better....I startedo ut with cold, but since using warm, everything turns out better - even the crisps. Not hot, but warm.

I actually think some of the recipes need some tweaking or updating, as I have found I have had to alter every one of them, to figure it out. But getting there!


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I always use hot water so I can melt a sweetener in it before mixing the muffin.
I think part of the problem with the recipes is that we all have different grade microwaves, but I have definitely found I need more water in the muffins than they suggest so they go lighter.
All this talk of muffins! I might have lemon biscuits with my latte again tonight though. What to do!
I just made the most disgusting muffin!! I thought I needed to try one to stop me from eating but its just turned out really bad!!

I used a vanilla pack, added 3 tablespoons of cold water, mixed and it was like cake mix - as if i was makin a proper cake... threw it in the microwave, checked it after a minute but think it needed a bit more but after another 15/20 seconds it was a bit hard so i took it out...

Now im left with a hard block of stodge that kinda looks like a block of pitta bread or something? What have I done wrong!!! thats a pack gone to waste :rolleyes:



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I always use hot water and mix it until it is gooey, but not too thick otherwise it goes too solid. I think 3 tblspns is not enough, try another tblspn full next time.

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