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How do you pack your suitcase?

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I know i for one take far to much on holiday with me and would always like that little bit of extra space for just that last top or pair of shoes that ive just got to take with me so as its now holiday season im wondering how you all pack your clothes etc do you
Do you buy your toiletries when you arrive or before you go?
How about locking your case, do you use a TSA lock, Cable ties or just leave it unlocked.

All hints and tips welcome:)
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Hi, I lay everything out on the bed that I think I want to pack then try and halve it, it's really hard but so many times I've come home with loads of stuff unworn but still needing re ironing! I roll as much as I can and I make sure I put all the toiletries in plastic bags incase they leak then try and wedge them in shoes and spare corners of the case. I never lock the suitcase as I have a friend who works in Customs and he says it's usually the locked cases that are targeted at foreign airports as they look like they might have valuables in. Make sure you have your camera, money, and anything of value as hand luggage. Have a wonderful time.
well on the way out i usually just fold everything as i have enough space but i really think what to bring like will i wear this etc etc...sometimes i bring a beach towel or a old towel for the beach and leave it behind when im coming home and if i have flipflops that i got in penneys at that for 2/3 euro il leave them behind. Bascially i will leave anything behind to make space for stuff im bringing home!!

Always bring my own toiletries, but i bring the ends of bottles just so i have enough for the few days and leave them there so another thing not bringing home.


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I fold clothes and take toiletries with me. Normally seem to do ok for weight and room. I put toiletries in the zipped but at the top of the case, towels and shoes at the bottom, underwear squidged into gaps at the end. I try to wear my heaviest shoes and clothes to travel in, so always end up with coat, jumper etc on the plane, but then I often go to cold places so makes sense lol.

I lock my cases, but never have anything expensive in there, I keep all electricals in hand luggage.


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I take my toiletries with me (and leave them over there) I kinda fold things, but try to lay them as flat as possible! Ive tried really really hard to not take too much with me this year and Ive tried to plan my outfits - I'll tell you if its successful in bout two weeks! I lock my case with a tiny padlock that you could pull open with your bare hands! - as someone else said you dont want it to look as though you're carrying the crown jewels with you! xxx
I roll everything; decant just enough toiletries into clear bottles (with labels!!) or buy travel size ones. I take hand wash liquid as I don’t pack much and wear every item several times in a mix and match fashion. I always make sure the few items are colour co-ordinated based on what I already have in my wardrobe already. I never take anything ‘just in case’ as you can buy them when you get there if you really need to.
I always attach something to my case ribbon etc and take a couple pictures of my suitcase and take that in my hand luggage. If my suitcase (which it has) does go astray other people know exactly what they are looking for. It’s far easier in a foreign country to show a picture than try to remember how to say ‘pink with yellow dots’ – LOL
I lock my case and put my name and phone number inside too – perhaps I’m too cautious!!

Hope you have a fab time urbancookie

Aislinn x


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What a brill idea to take a photo of your case! I already do the ribbon thing! xxx


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I fold things as flat as possible, take toiletries - enough for the trip or leave behind left overs, my travel hairdryer and thats about it. I always take too many clothes tho, so on our Florida trip next year I will really try to take the bare minimum!! (After all, I hear theres great shopping over there!!!)

Oh & I do the ribbon thing too, but I like the photo idea. Will try to remember to do that one, great idea!!
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I use vaccum bags (the ones that don't actually need a vaccum though.) You can either roll them or sit/jump on them to squeeze the air out and I've found that they really work well for me. I've heard horror stories of people having to unpack entire suitcases at the airport, or everything getting soaked when it was left out in the rain, so everything that goes into my bag is either in a vaccum bag or a zip top bag. (that also protects everything from leaking bottles of shampoo!)

If I'm going on vacation I try to bring full-sized, nearly-empty bottles of shampoo/conditioner. This way they take up more space when I'm going on vacation (so nothing is flying around inside my suitcase) but by the time I'm coming back I've used it all up and binned the bottle, giving me more space for souvenirs.

I don't use a lock at airports. They'll cut it off if they want to look inside your bag, and anything that hangs off of your bag like that can get caught on something and tear your bag. One suggestion I've heard was to use those plastic cable zip ties (does anyone know what I'm talking about? You put one end through the hole on the other end and you can tighten it but you can't loosen it?) If nothing else it will slow someone down a bit. I DO use locks though (I have 4! And only heavy-duty ones) anytime I leave my bag where any other people might be able to get at it eg; luggage room, train, dodgy hotel room, -anywhere you wouldn't leave your passport.

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