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How do you see yourself?


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Hi everyone!
I've not lost a lot of weight yet but still enough to have gone down one dress size but on Saturday I had a party for my little girl's birthday and people who havn't seen me for a while commented on how I had lost weight, Now my problem is I don't see it.
I still look the same to me!
Did anyone else have this to start with?
x x x
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Hi everyone!
I've not lost a lot of weight yet but still enough to have gone down one dress size but on Saturday I had a party for my little girl's birthday and people who havn't seen me for a while commented on how I had lost weight, Now my problem is I don't see it.
I still look the same to me!
Did anyone else have this to start with?
x x x
Hello Kelly.

I think when you have a lot to loose, as I do too.. the first stone is a great boost for motivation and moral.. Its a journey which you are well into now and you have done well, a dress size down too. You don't look the same hun, as you've lost a stone in weight, but I know what you mean. I've lost 24lb, but looking in the mirror, you still look at the negatives, while you should be looking and feeling proud of the positives. xxx


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I find when I lose weight I feel it before I see it, and generally only see it when I look back at photos! I havent really told people I am doing this so that when they tell me they think I have lost weight they actually think it...is that sad?!
Hi Kelly

I'm glad you posted this discussion.. a few years ago I lost five stone with ww, that summer I went to majorca for two weeks, I had lots of new clothes in a size 12!! but each and every day I would look in the mirror and want to cover my arms and legs etc.. I never ever saw what others did.. I never once celebrated being that thin because I thought I still looked the same.. over the years the weight went back on and I am back at square one.. with having to loose that same weight again and a bit more!

A few weeks ago I looked back on those holiday snaps and I was indeed thin!!

I think it is essential we retrain our brains now and not at the end .. alot of the problem is around our low self esteem and always taking a back seat.. I have googled low self esteem and weight issues and there are some good books on this subject.

I think a trip to the library is in order :)

Give it a try and maybe your mind can adjust to your shrinking frame as you go along, good luck x


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Hi ya,
Thanks for the comments!
I agree with you Sarah Lou, I've always taken a back seat when doing anything as I've always felt unhappy about how I look so re-training my thinking will help I know!
No that isn't sad, I had this feeling too, people that do know I'm on it say to me all the time that's I'm looking well but I knd of think "Are they just saying it"
I think we will have to just believe what people say I guess!
Thanks Girls x x


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i look at myself in the mirror and see excess skin, fat, and saggy boobs....i hate that my face is fat and has no deinition at the chin/neck...

It was with my girlfriends yesterday and we were all talking about plastic surgery, and i said i would have a boob realignment and implants, a tummy tuck, lipo, neck and face lift, chemical peel, all my excess skin removed, teeth whitened....think thats about it!

I have more issues with my body now, than i did when i was at over 17 stone becuase i'm more aware of it....!

I dont feel too bad when i am fully clothed.....but when the clothes come off at bed time (and dare i say when me and DH are having some...you know)...i'm constantly pulling my skin about on my belly and boobs.....

the one realisation i am coming to, its that all the problems i have now? Every single one of them was caused by me and my awful eating habits!! I deserve to have a constant reminder of what i have put it through....and that will now have to become my motivation to keep the weight off!

Sorry about all that, i'm usually quite positive, and i love the clothes and scales side of CD....but really have major issues with being in my skin that even the mighty Gok wouldnt be able to solve!



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I still really see myself as fat. I have a long way to go and although I can see the difference already (not much but I can), it means nothing to me. But then, I'm the first to admit that I have real issues with my weight. BUT I will get there!
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I have lost over 4 stone and I still see myself as fat, occasionally if I catch a glimpse of myself I can see that I have lost weight, but most of the time I lookin the mirror and just see my fat tummy etc...


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I feel the same, I still think I look the same and then think, I have just over 2 stone to go, but I look like I need to lose about 5....my overhang of my belly is there, still fatty areas on my back, my legs are HUGE - my thighs are 26 Inches !!!!!!!!!!

I suppose it will happen one day, they will be smaller but I will never see the girl I used to before having 2 children and gaining stretchmarks, Caesarian scar, saggy boobs, etc :(

BAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have lost about a stone, from where I really dont know. As im still a fat blob :(


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I had the exact same thoughts the other evening. I have done a week or so on 810 and felt that after eating a little off plan, but planned as am on holiday from work, I felt bloated and fat. Now I know I am nowhere near the size I was when I started but I though I looked it - so I put on some jeans I wore when we went on holiday in March this year. You know what I was disgusted with the size of them on me now. The waistband comes up to my boobs and I can almost get two legs in one (there were baggy mind you), I can't walk far in them as I trip up or they fall down. On holiday they were comfortable but by the end of the flight home had started to feel tight.

So I decided then to try to banish negative thoughts about how I look, cos I am never going to fill those jeans again - EVER.

We are all doing something so positive about our weight and the downside is, certainly for me, I blew my body up like a huge balloon so I am going to have to deal with the deflated boobs and strange shaped thighs I now have. And another 40lbs down the line I think I will look even weirder.

When you see that reflection in the shop window and think - who is that? - because believe me it will come,when you see your shadow walking down a path and you don't think that an end of the world storm cloud is coming, when you have to check the label in those jeans to make sure they match the hanger size as they are erm, quite loose - that is you, that is you making those positive changes - and you will enjoy it.

Apologies this turned into a bit of a ramble...


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Totally know where your coming from!! But before I went on cd training I have had some pictures printed and I was only looking at them before and saw myself as BIG and fat and realise I dont look like that anymore!
But over 5 stone off and wearing a size 10 I still wasnt liking myself in a dress I had for a wedding on the weekend.. it is so weird.. I dont really know why this happens...... I think your head has got to catch up with your body!! If that makes sense!


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"I think your head has got to catch up with your body!! If that makes sense!" I think that makes perfect sense.

I've just started CD and I've been keeping a journal since October anyway to help with depression so I'm making a weight loss journal and intend to have my photo taken every week on the same day so that I can record how far I've come. I'll also include weekly weight loss and measurements to re-inforce into my head how fabulous I am looking and feeling. I'll also be writing how I've been doing and how I've been feeling and what's been going on in my head regarding food and my self body image. I may also put some quotes in there from Mike Scott's No Willpower Required website to help with positive thinking.
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hi all

Totally understand this!!

I still feel huge! I look huge and baggy and wrinkly and wobbly in the mirror and every bit of skin has gone south ;-(. But, in clothes, its not too bad. I still feel like my 17st 10! Even though im 12st 1! Its weird, but i hope to catch up and appreciate the difference soon.

I was looking for clothes for my nephews christening yesterday and automatically went to Inspire at New Look and Evans to get to the size 26-28's!!! Then realised, i wear 16-18's now and i dont have to go to the larger clothes department!!! Its really odd, but for the first time ever, an ENJOYABLE shopping experience for me! And, i came home with something to wear!!!! lololol

Think my brain will take a long time to catch up!

good luck all


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Someone just told me it takes five years for your head to catch up with your body. I do really REALLY hope not.

I think this is why I failed to maintain having done LL. It wasn't that I didn't learn about healthy food/portion control etc; its not rocket science after all, we all know WHAT to do, the problem is we don't know why we don't do those things. (if that makes sense). I went from 16 to 11.5 stone and still thought i was fat, at size 12. Consequently it didn't matter what i ate because i was fat so another bun wouldn't make any diffference, surely?

It didn't make a difference - I was fat in my head and sure enough my body caught up and here I am at 15 stone again. (Well i was 4 weeks ago - don't know what I am today, hoping for 13.5!)

This is where I'm going to need the help, and it probably goes for many if not most of us, how on earth do we learn to believe that we're slim?

One of my early blog posts is about this exact thing, not that its terribly enlightening!

So how do we learn to believe that we're slim, once we are? How can we help our heads catch up? I honestly do want to know the answers!


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I still see the same fat body staring back at me. Went shopping for a jacket at the weekend and my husband made me try a size smaller (14!!!) as the one I had on looked too big but I couldn't see it!

I hope my mind catches up soon though as it's depressing seeing the same person looking back at you!


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I still feel absolutely massive. I honestly don't think I'll ever feel slim. Even though I'm in 12's and 14's, I still feel ginormous!!


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I still feel huge, although I bought size 12 trousers the other day. Not sure what is going on with my head.
I think if more of my "friends" could be more positive and stop saying I will put the weight back on or totally ignoring the fact I have lost any weight, it may make me feel more positive!
Ultimately I did this for me though and to make me a more active mum for my small daughter. Keeping that in mind helps me and I am sure my head will catch up with the weightloss at some point.


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I think if more of my "friends" could be more positive and stop saying I will put the weight back on or totally ignoring the fact I have lost any weight, it may make me feel more positive!
Its just terrible that the people who are supposed to be there for you can't just give you some genuine support. Some people just don't like to see others doing well for themselves. Especially if they've always seen themselves as the 'pretty' friend. I've known people like this, i don't anymore.

This sounds wierd but i fluctuate between feeling fat, frumpy and terrible about my body, to not realising how fat i am.. There have been times when i've found a new outfit in the past that i've really liked, that when i looked in the mirror thought 'thats quite slimming - i look ok!' its only been when i see a photo that i realise i just look like a 'dolled up' whale! i s'pose in one way it stopped me actually doing anything about the weight. Now trying to get a realistic body image, and i realise that all the weight loss in the world probably won't change my saggy skin, boobs, belly or cellulite, but hey,... i'll be healthier, i can live with that at the moment! xx


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OMG I thought it was just me!! I have lost nearly 4 1/2 stone and gone from a size 22 to a comfy 14 and some 12's on the bottom..BUT I still feel like the fattest person in a room. I can't see it. When I go clothes shopping I still feel like I shouldn't be picking up 12's and 14's because they won't fit. I'm hoping this will pass but in the meantime its comforting to know that I'm not alone xx

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