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How do you stay on track?


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What are the best methods that you have found as a Slimming World Member (Be it official or doing it from home) to stay on track and keep your days as near to 100% as possible!

I'm all ears ladies and gents!

I personally need to write everything down. If something doesn't get written down then I act like it never even happened! So everything gets on that paper!
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Mine is a bit of a weird one, I have to kid myself that yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it was, although I keep note of all my syns I'll sometimes have to think 'well maybe it wasn't really 25' or I will beat myself up and fall into old habits. Haha.
I'm a syn saver so i have a day off so to speak once a week and that works for me as i rarely reach 70 syns. This is good support if your feeling like going off track!! Writing things down is a good one i do that as well!

Remember sometimes we all go off track a little but it doesn't mean we've failed ... just jump back on the band wagon


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It only works for me when I am focused on it. I need to make it number one priority otherwise my emotional eating gets in the way. For example I am moving house, but I have to make sure throughout the move I concentrate and plan my meals still otherwise I will be off track.

I like to know exactly what I am eating for the week, but that hasn't managed to happen currently!

Also writing it all down and making myself accountable to people on here :D

Mrs V

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I write it all down too. I plan my weeks meals before I go shopping and I try out new things so I don't get bored. I also think back to my really heavy days and think to myself do I want to go back to being that size? Well if I continue eating rubbish, then I gain weight too easily.


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Writing it all down and plan plan plan. I plan out the weeks meals and which days will be EE, Green or Red and make sure that I have suitable snacks and meals for all of them. I also try and keep things like alpen lights/fruit in my bag so I'm not caught short when I'm out and about.

Most importantly I plan in treats too so I don't feel deprived, whether it's a glass of wine or a curly wurly or even sometimes a takeaway.


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I keep a diary, come here and moan or chuckle, and even have a blog that I add to from time to time.

Like many others, I have to keep a diary to keep me on track. I have one on here that people can look at and comment on (I am a home slimmer) and also one on my PC which I can print out and take with me if I'm off for the weekend or anything.


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i have a little note pad in the kitchen just to jot down what i am having as i am forgetful. also a bit of uplifting exercise helps me to keep healthy eating too. and making sure i have a good stock of fruit too, stops me using my syns unnecessarily.


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This is an odd idea on how to stay 100% but I have one meal, where I am 100% off plan. I take the OH out and we go for dinner, and I have three courses if I feel like it, with lashings of booze if the mood takes, and I dont count or think about a single syn of it. That way whenever I feel the need to cheat then I just think about the yummy weekend meal ahead and I dont. I also dont syn in the week if I can help it so I guess you could say I am synning weekly and having a blow out. But I know that the one blow out meal will do me for the week and then am a little angel... or try to be. I have lost about 21lbs doing this so it seems to be working... =D
I write down every single thing I eat so Im not kidding myself when I do go over. I plan my meals a week ahead and get all the shopping in so I dont have to resort to last minute desperate attempts to make something appetising and thus end up eating [email protected] And I also let myself do what I like on Saturdays, and like BrightonMark says if I really fancy something bad I can think about how nice it will be to have it at the w/e and look forward to it. Im currently looking foreward to a lovely curry with poppadoms, dips, wine, the works, tomorrow :)

Oh and I dont keep any - *ANY* - junk in the house so I cant be tempted. Cos Im such a lazy arse I just will not bother walking to the end of the road to get some of whatever it is :rolleyes:


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I write everything down as soon as I have eaten so I don't forget.
I don't know how people can be syn free. I really wish I could as I always used to have a treat meal on wlr or ww and we eat out or have take away once or twice a week.
Only in my third week so still loads to learn.
I used to write everything down but now I can trust myself and just write down syns, HOWEVER I would highly write down everything you eat, it really is a lot easier to see where you are going wrong and not kid yourself!

Plus if you do have syns (talking about mostly choc/crisps) I buy a single one just for that day, not a multipack (although cheaper) so I keep motivation not to go over - also there is only a single choc/crisp for that day so theres no chance of binging xx

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