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How do you work out points in certain circumstances?

Today I went to my MILs for dinner.

For my lunch, I was good. Only 1 yorkshire pud, 1 slice of meat etc.

Then dessert came around!

Now I havent told the in-laws I am on a diet as I dont want to draw attention to the fact and feel any pressure etc.

Now, back to my dessert! I only had a teeny-ish portion of sticky toffee pudding and custard. How should I point this? It wasnt a big portion.

What do you do in situations like these? over point, or under point & hope for the best?

I dont like eating out when I cant calculate what I am eating! Grrrr :banghead:
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Hi Buttons

Have you got WW Shopping Guide and/or Eating out guides?

The shopping guide is great for things like that. You can usually find either the thing youve had or one very similar and gauge it like that. Ive found that the easiest way in the past. For instance a portion of Sainsburys sticky toffee pudding is 6 points :)

Eating out as you know doesnt mean you have to go off your diet, or write the day off. Most means are possible to work out whether theyre at someones house or at a restaurant.

Thats one of the advantages of WW, you can have a 'normal' social life and NOT go off your diet :)
Writing off a day can and very probably will make all the difference between losing weight that week and not. Believe me Ive been there, done that and regretted it. I dont see the point in writing a day off when you dont have to.

Since I started WW Ive had my nieces birthday, my other nieces christening, a night away in a 4 star hotel, several meals out... Ive managed to incorporate them all into my diet, I did go a bit over at the 4 star hotel but then counting was very hard... however the rest of that week I saved points. Despite all those and other nights out Ive still lost over 2 stones in a couple of months.

For this or any diet to succeed you need to stick at it - every day
Fair enough Bethany I think itll be up to Buttons now to decide what to do with her meal out today. Its a personal choice I just know that sticking to it has helped me lose almost 2.5 stones in a couple of months.

As I said Im not saying you shouldnt write off days but IMO it should only be a last resort with the help of calculators and books you can work out points for most things.

I guess it just depends how badly you want to lose the weight at the end of the day
Ok fair enough im not saying anything wrong

Im just saying what i would do

So buttons ive given you some advice as what i would do but other people dont agree
Everyone deals with these situations differently, it depends on the individual really.

In my experience, it's definitely best to try and work out your points as best you can. Like Bethany I do tend to write a day off when I've been out or something, but I find it really hard to get back on track the next day and it does affect your weight loss (that's not to say you won't lose weight that week because that's not the case at all, but it is possible you could lose a little less than you would have if you'd counted your points - I hope that makes sense).

Everyone is different, Starlight has done brilliantly following weight watchers and she ALWAYS counts her points. She's lost a fantastic amount of weight and she seems to get a real sense of achievement when she goes out and still manages to stick to her diet. I however have not done so well on my diet, because I write off a day far too easily.

So, in my opinion (and it is just my opinion - I'm not saying I'm right!) it's much better to try and stick with it. Counting your points, even when it's hard to do and you just have to guess it, not only helps keeps your diet on track but it'll really give you a boost. The feeling of "wow, I did really well today even though it was really really hard!" is a real incentive to carry on, and it really makes you feel like you can do it!

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