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How does everyone count their water intake?

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I drink about a litre in the morning before I leave home for work and carry a litre bottle with me. I drink a litre when I get home and over the course of the evening will sip on the last litre slowly. What does everyone else do to get their water intake fitted in?
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I fill a 2ltr bottle drink it through the day and refill when empty :)
One of the things I'm not looking forward to is drinking all that water to be honest :confused:. I used to try and drink 2 litres a day when doing low carb but I would always get a massive thumping headache, like my head was going to explode. I always made sure I spread it out throughout the day too as I know drinking big amounts of water in a short period of time can be dangerous. I found that 1 - 1.5 litres a day was the max I could have without having a headache.

Obviously the shakes need to be mixed with water, so I was just wondering if the water that goes in the shakes goes towards your daily water intake? Or doesn't it count?
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Luv2BSlim I wondered that too - I mix the shakes with much more water than Exante recommends as I split them into 2 shakes with about 400mls each, so I figure the extra litre or so I put in them every day counts towards it. Must admit that as I've got used to the diet and I'm not so thirsty all the time my water consumption has dropped loads, doesn't seem to have affected me though. Will try harder!


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I use a 0.5 litre bottle and drink one on the way to work, fill up twice at work and maybe fill up twice when i get home. I have about 5 coffees a day that i don't count and I always have 50ml extra in a shake.
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I bought 4 bottles of volvic and When I finish that one I fill it up with water and pop it in the freezer then when I fill up my last I put them all in the fridge.


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tenney 75 said:
I drink 3 litres from 7.00 am to 12.00 and then another 1and a half in a'noon and then litre in evening x
My gosh.. Do u consume 5.5 litres everyday? U must b constantly peeing? :)

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kay80 said:
My gosh.. Do u consume 5.5 litres everyday? U must b constantly peeing? :)

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I was at first but my body is used to it now. To be honest if I have any less I get really bad constipation so now I just get on with it and sup up. I vary it between sparkling and still though as too much still makes me feel water logged

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