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How does it feel trying new clothes


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I went shopping on saturday with some friends, since i had been buying size 26/28 clothes, i still am in the habit of doing that.
We were in a shop that only went to a size 20, i saw an amazing top i really liked, but being me i was convinced it wouldn`t fit me.
After my f4iends convincing me to try it on and the shop assistant, also egging me on i did.
To my amazement it fitted me, a size 20, i can`t remember when i was a last size 20.
I then went into tesco and saw 2 other tops i liked, no size 20 only size 18, again the battle to get me to try it on commenced, eventually i wandered to the changing room and tried them both on, again to my amazement they both fitted and hence i wore a size 18 out on saturday night.
Boy id never felt so good.
How many others still are in the habit of buying clothes too big, or are convinced that something won`t fit.
Or again is it just me. :0)
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Still trying!
I honestly think most of do that. It's a bit like walking along a shop window, seeing your reflection and thinking "who is that?" before realising that, yes, it is you!
It's a great feeling, you've earned it, enjoy, and maybe post this on the NSV thread (that's non-scale victories, if you didn't know) because that definitely is one!


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Been there, done that Bevsy, it takes time for our brain perception of our body to catch up to our weight loss!
I'm sat here now in a 22 Tesco top, when a few months ago it would have been 28/30.
Still got the 28 leggings on mind but leggings can take you all the way really lol
Amazing feeling, eh? Scary to think you were FIVE sizes bigger in your head :-o And clothes that are too big usually look just as unflattering as ones that are too small. I bet you look and feel a million dollars now :D (I bet we could all have told you from your avatar that you were SO not a 26/28 ;))
...just had a nose at your pics, and I have to say, you carry your weight VERY well! Are you sure you've not made a typo with your current weight?!


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lol i wish i had iwill, i get weighed at my gp`s every friday and as soon as i come from there i weigh at boots and there both the same weight.
I do feel loads better, ive always been a confident person so had no qualms about my weight.
But im 44 now and ive had enough of being porky, my hubby left 8 years ago and ive been the full time carer of our 2 boys, he has never wanted access to them and i can honestly say in 8 years he has never taken them away or had them for a night, they are 19 and 14 and im all they have. so brought it home to me i don`t want health issues that could affect my life in a bad way.
so im mrs determind at the moment and very focused.


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, I'm exactly like that. I have to try on anything I buy otherwise I buy too big!


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I used to hang on to size 18 stuff (I'm a 12-14 at the mo). Eventually I just charity shopped the lot! Even at weekends I shouldn't be seen swimming in big baggy things - so unflattering.

One thing I find quite hard is find out what suits me and being fashionable - I never used to think about it much, as long as I was covered and reasonably smart I felt I was OK. Now I realise, eek! did not suit my skin tone/legs/style at all.

I still think I need the bigger sizes...


Still trying!
My trouble is, having lost, gained and lost the weight again, I'm scared to recycle my fat clothes in case I need them again. I know getting rid is the best thing to do but in the back of my mind I'm thinking "what if I need them again?"


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I'm with both of you bevsy and fiona...

There is nothing like the feeling of finding out your smaller than you thought..


When I lost weight with LL a few years back our counsaler(?) encouraged us to bring in clothes that no longer fitted us so others couldhave them (as the weight loss is so quick it's not worth buying clothes as you'll be out of them with in weeks!!) End result..I put 2/3rds of the weight back on and had to go out and buy more clothes.

I now have a stash of 16-10 which I will fit into again!!!
I was doing the same thing for ages. It was almost like I couldn't see the changes in myself and was convinced I was still the same size!!
omg i read that bit in your blog about chicken nuggets, im going to re post that anywhere i can, that is just gross!!!!!!! Your website looks fantastic by the way!!

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