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How does target work? (And a general 'Hello!' post from a newbie.)

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum, it certainly looks really active and I'm looking forward to reading through a lot of posts.

I have been on Slimming World Extra Easy since the start of June and am really liking it. I've done Weight Watchers before with some success, SlimFast with less success and then a long time ago some dodgy pills prescribed to me by a pseudo-doctor which I now think must have been the since banned PhenFen or similar. They really worked but they left me feeling awful.

Anyway, I'm really very pleased with SW - it seems to work brilliantly for me. I'm not an angel on it by any stretch and yet the weight seems to be coming off slowly and steadily. I'm sure I'll hit a plateau eventually and have to start following it more strictly but in the meantime, I keep my activity high and my feet on the ground and we'll see how far I get!

I have a question regarding target. If I were to set my target as something and then reach it, I would get free entry to the group. However, if I then decide I'd like a lower target and/or I drop more than 3 lbs below my target what happens then? I've heard your next target must be at least 7lbs less than your last or am I completely making this up? Can you move your target multiple times?

I'm not trying to sneak out of paying but I would like to know how it works. I'm definitely going to keep going to group when I hit target - my leader is lovely and its just good to get out of the house and be free of childcare for an hour or two!

I am also about to go back to university and will be joining (I hope) the ballroom dance team so my current goal (appropriate for a mum of two) might not be my final goal (appropriate for a hot samba dancer :p).

Any thoughts much appreciated!

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Hiya, welcome to SW and Minimins! I could be wrong, but I think that to qualify for free membership at target, you would need to be a member before hand and reach target while a member. So as long as you joined a group with more than 7lbs to lose, then you would qualify for free membership once you hit target. Does that make sense?

Above is true. Also, you can call "target" and then reset it, and it does have to be at least 7lb lower than your last target, but if it takes you out of the healthy BMI range and into underweight then you cant. They dont let you be underweight at all.

I am not sure how often you can hit target, the book has space for an interim one and a final one. You would need to ask your C about that. I havent yet set an official target, but I dont intend to do so until I decide I am happy to stop losing. I have a figure in my head I am aiming for, which is roughly about half way into the healthy BMI, but I wont make it official until I look at myself at that weight, or even just before, and decide if I have anything significant I want to lose.
Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies - and so speedy as well!

So, if I set my target as, say 9 stone 13 and got to it. If I wanted a new goal of 9 stone 6, that would be fine? That sounds like it could work well - as you say, I wonder if there's a limit of the number of times you can do it though (assuming that you stay within the healthy weight range).

Thanks guys.

Another quick question - how do you get your signatures so long? I just put in three stickers and it tells me I've exceeded my 350 characters.

*sadface*. Heheh.

Cheers for that, Shell_y. Will hang around a bit. :)
And heheh - I'm Bristol too!
St. Andrews way near Bishopston. I go to Mirama's group - she's lovely. You?
I noticed that - we may be passing each other on the street and not even know! :p

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