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How does this letter sound?


I will be skinny again!!!
Dear Mr M,

I have worked within this company for over two years. I am a loyal employee of this company. In the middle of February I was approached by T my Team Leader and was advised I had 99 hours of holiday hours to take. I asked if this was correct as I didn’t think I had any holiday hours left. I was again advised that this was correct. There are people in my team who were there when I was told this and remember the conversation taking place.

T then went on to say that I must take these hours before the end of March as we would not be receiving payment for them at the end of the tax year. I had not requested any holidays as I did not think I had hours left, I was told I had to take these hours.

I submitted a request for time off on the dates, 18th of February to the 8th of March. From the holiday allowance I was advised I had, the 99 hours, this would have resulted in me having around 3 hours left to take. I had to submit the details through T, as the only holiday booking system we have in place, Impact 360, is not a true reflection of what holiday allowance the employees have available.

T took the dates I had requested to S and the next day my schedule reflected these time off dates, with the note authorised by S beside it.

At no point did anyone approach me to advise me that there was a problem with these holiday hours after they had double checked them against my allowance, before authorising them. Surely such a long length of leave at that time of the year should have been double checked to ensure there were no errors.

The 18th of February approached and I took the leave as had been booked. I still wasn’t advised of any problems.

On Monday 9th of March I received a letter from my bank stating that a monthly direct debit for my car finance payment had been declined and I now had a £35 bank charge. This came as a shock to me as I knew I had not spent any of my wages. I checked my online banking to find I had only been paid £66. I contacted T, whom I gave permission to open my payslip, he I advised I had been deducted 28 hours pay for LWP.
T was not sure what that meant and said he would find out and phone me back.

T phoned me back and advised that LWP meant Leave without pay and that I had went over my holiday hours. I asked how this was possible as surely from what I had taken from the allowance I had been advised of I should still have 3 hours left! T said there must have been an error and I was advised of the wrong holiday hours. I asked what I would do without money and was told there was nothing that could be done. I explained that this would mean this coming Friday the 13th I would be paid nothing!!!
I asked T if he would speak to S and call me back. When T called back again I was advised there was nothing that could be done and I would just have to do without any pay, but that we could talk more tomorrow.

I contacted ACAS employment helpline and was advised to have an informal chat with my manager, and if that didn’t help to submit a formal grievance and if it still wasn’t resolved to contact a solicitor.

I spoke to T yesterday, the 10th of March. He said he has spoken with S and the company would not be paying me for their error as I should have known how many holiday hours I had left. I asked how I was meant to know how many hours I have taken when there is no way for employees to check what holiday hours they have taken, The only system available is Impact 360 and that is incorrect! T went on to say that he has a break down available of the holidays that I have taken throughout the year. My reply to this was that he was the one who told me the hours I had, why didn’t he check this then instead of me being given the wrong information? His reply to this was a shrug.

I went on to ask how the company can be happy to let some one who has worked for them for over two years go with out any money for something that hasn’t been their error?

Again the reply was a shrug.

I asked what I would do without any money, I was told I can do some over time to get some more money the next pay day, Friday the 20th of March. I was shocked at this response.

I feel that my managers have not supported me in this matter, and should care about their employees welfare.

This has left me in a very bad financial position.

I have been made aware of other people being approached by their team leaders to explain that the holiday allowance they were originally advised of is wrong. I have also been told that there is a list of people who still need to be told of errors with their holiday hours.

No attempt has been made to come to any kind of reasonable resolution that would suit both the company and myself.

I am utterly distraught at this time and extremely disappointed in the way I have been treated.

This has not been my error. I was told to take these holiday hours even after I had doubted them. Yet I am the one who suffers for some one else’s mistake! The people I have dealt with to try and resolve this matter have not been helpful and do not seem to care and have not seemed to offer a resolution to help me out of this predicament.

I look forward to a written response from yourself within 10 days of receipt of this letter.

If I have not received a response by then I will be following the advice of ACAS and will be seeking Legal assistance in this matter.

Chelcie Hills
Customer Service Advisor

This is what I have written!! Please help and give any feedback!!!
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Fantastic letter - really collected and objective. can i just say i'd take this sentence out though, "I am sure it would be a different story had it of been them." (7th para from bottom) as it's a bit personal and less objective than the rest of the letter. otherwise it's really really good.

hope they get back to you soon.
and just to add, i can't believe your manager just shrugged at what is clearly something so upsetting and annoying for one of his staff!!!!!! grrrrrrrr.


I will be skinny again!!!
The shrug pissed me off!!!

And the Well we can offer you some over time... :mad: :mad:
yeah i'd love to do more work for you! honestly, you have to wonder how some people get into management.

i bet the shrug spurred you into the writing the letter!! it would have done for me.
Nice letter, I hope its a success, taking out any personally objective stuff as mentioned should do it. Also take out company name and peoples names off this thread... Can't be too careful..


I will be skinny again!!!
just a word of advice.. for this forum I would delete or asterisk the names and company details, Just in case.
Thanks... Think I got most of them

yeah i'd love to do more work for you! honestly, you have to wonder how some people get into management.

i bet the shrug spurred you into the writing the letter!! it would have done for me.

It def did.. The people around whilst I was talking to him were shocked at his mannerisms and how little he seemed to care
Well done with the letter - looks good to me (and i deal with this sort of stuff!) xx
Hiya - just had the chance to read your letter and it looks fine. It's rubbish of them saying 'there's nothing we can do' - of course there are lots of things they can do. Send the letter in - it's well written - and make sure that you get the response within 10 days. If not, ACAS can help. You could also go to Citizens Advice at that point if you're not happy. Very often they can recommend you to solicitors for a free 1/2 hour advice or an hour for £25 or something, but ACAS really are the best people to use as your 'weapon' at this point. Good luck Chelly and don't let them get away with it!!!

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