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How encouraging!!

Hi guys,

I thought i would share my pleasent and encouraging trip to the dr's with you!!!!

I went because i needed to get my pill for the next 3 months - so obviously i had to have my blood pressure done then was asked to hop on the scales!! The dr then said - you have lost weight - but your still in the obese section of your BMI so you NEED to carry on!!

To be honest it really wound me up - i have lost 4 stone 3 pounds with slimming world no help from them at all and my bmi is 26 - so i'm literally just in that section!! But i thought that was great encouragement!!! NOT!!!

What about the well done - she didn't even ask me what my target was and therefore where that would place me within the BMI!!

To be honest i left feeling pretty p**sed off - but even more determined to get to target so i can go back next time and take the smug look off her face!!!

Sorry needed to rant!!!

K x
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Cute, but psycho!
I'd thought I was lucky with my new Dr, she's been very enthusiastic when I've been to see her about my weight loss...but recently, when I went, she's started talking about diet pills! I don't want to start taking diet pills!!
I just felt like what i had done was nothing!! Your dr sounds as good as mine - diet pills - are they stupid!! You have done so well without them why would you want them now?!

It really irritates me!!!

k XX


Cute, but psycho!
She'd been so encouraging until then as well. All I said was 'I'm struggling a bit at the moment' and next min she's talking about pills!


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Wait, your BMI's 26? That's just barely overweight, not obese! Hope that's just a typo of RAGE at the STUPIDness of your doctor. NGGG! Luckily, mine's never mentioned my weight at all, which is good as I have a generally very high opinion of her, but most GPs seem to be horrendously ignorant when it comes to weight issues and I'd hate to be disillusioned...


Bring it on!
That's not on! 26 is only just in the overweight as anwen says. Most people wouldn't even get a second glance for that! When you next go you might like to point that out!

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