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How everybody doing?

Hi, The weather here in Chester is awful rain and more rain. So am totally bored cant go for a walk or get in garden. And worst of all cant go for a nice meal somewhere, so am staying on this site. How is everone else doing?:sigh::gen147: Anyone feeling the same?
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Hey Blossom.

I hate to say it but the weather here in Canterbury is lovely! Cheer up-just think about when the weather is nice and you can go to the beach or something in a lovely fitted bikini!!!

Maybe watch a DVD-i always find that this helps as it keeps me occupied.
I know what you mean about this site though it is amazing. I think i am addicted-as am on here most of the day, but it totally helps as everyone is so nice and it takes your mind off food! And thats always a good thing.


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Weathers ok up here in sunny norfolk!!! Just tried a butterscotch shake for lunch and I have to say it reminded me of Angel Delight!!!!! Nice with ice and done in blender!
Ooohhh thanks bluemoon that sounds lovely i was a bit apprehensive about trying the butterscotch but i think i will have that for lunch now!
Its dull here but dry. I'm doing grand, going to head out for a walk in a while :)


has started again!!
Heavy rain & thunder here in "sunny" (LOL) Weymouth. Sons 14th birthday, just made mega chocolate cake for him, gooey & covered in white choc, with mini eggs (And he is 14 !!!!). Feeling very sorry for myself. He and DH are off to movies soon, to see Iron Man, then he wants Dominos as his bday treat, which he will bring home with him!

Just had leek & potato soup, that is repeating on me now, so all I have is a foul taste plus onion breath in my mouth.....

Oh somebody shoot me please.
WELL DONE!!! I have to say you have done brilliantly not to eat any of the lovely cake! Thats amazing. I know how you feel i hated the leek and pot soup-it really was discusting!!!!!
Hi guys i am back on CD for second time. This is my first day back! Weather is ok does look like rain tho. I am soo hungry - how bad is that only a few hours in!?


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Weather has been not too bad today.. Had a lot of different tests today with food but I have resisted. Feel rubbish though. Had totm for over 2 weeks now and just wish it would go away. Just want to sleep but can't have to look after the little ones. Nevermind. Roll on bedtime!


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just got back from taking the kids swimming and i am soooo tired and hungry!!!! I thought when ketosis was kicked in you didn't feel like this????? It is taking all my strength not to rip into the flapjacks in the cupboard!!!!!

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