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How far do you travel?

Hi all, I started LL on thursday of last week.I was surprised that there was'nt a LLC nearer to me.I travel a round trip of 80 miles,I know it will be worth it in the end, when I start the councelling session after this week it will be a 4 hour round trip for me.:sigh:
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good god!! well i dont do LL but when i contemplated it, the LLC i would have gone with was very local so lucky for us in plymouth i guess.

maybe u have found a gap in the market for ur area if u ever consider a career change! bumpy the LLC!

I hope the counselling is worth it. it all depends on the LLC and the client too i guess. if u find the sessions to not be for u i would definately hop over to cambridge diet and find a local CDC.

u could always consider doing cambridge and seeing a private cognitive behavioural therapist in one on one sessions. CD with a seperate therapist would cost about the same, if not less than LL. i would prefer that as i would want my hour sessions to be focussed entirely on me and a LL group would end up lynching me LOL.

hopefully tho, you'll enjoy LL and find it is worth the journey. if u dont tho, u have other options.

good luck for ur first session xxxx


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Hi Bumpybean,

I agree with what Karen has said. If you add the cost of petrol to your weekly fee, it becomes quite expensive. Having said that there are lots of people who find the cbt the best thing about LL so you have to decide if it's right for you.

I do cd and have a fabulous cdc who actually drives out to me, so I am very lucky.

Either way, whatever you decide, good luck with the diet!!:D
The pounds will be falling off you soon!!
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I havent yet met my LLC, on my first visit which was a information visit she wasnt there another member of the class showed us a dvd and answered any question etc, I then arranged to start LL the following week, I turn up and a different member of the class was weighing members and giving out the sachets.I asked where the LLC was and was told she was in a meeting.I was so disappointed,I have since left two messages on her answerphone and have heard nothing from her.


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Is she the only LLC in your area? you don't sound very happy with her hun
She is the only LLC in the area, I shall wait and see if she is at my first weigh in on thursday,hopefully she will be and it will be worth the long wait to eventually meet her....


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I personally wouldnt be travelling over 80 miles for someone who couldnt even be bothered to meet/weigh/welcome me. or even return a fone call??

just to let you know...CD and LL are the same thing more or less but u have more flavours with CD and u can find a really good CBT in ur area who will focus on you and will even probably turn up to meet u once in a while!

i dunno, maybe LL is for you but its awful that ur counsellor cant even turn up to instill any confidence about her in u.

I'm on LL and I have to agree with Karen about the LLC!! I find it quite strange that she used one of the members to deal with her job while she was away? And it happened twice? Not good....!

I travel over 3 miles to my LLC. I am quite happy with my LLC and hope to stick with LL to the end.

If I didn't have a hearing problem, I would consider a career in LL/CD as we don't have LL or CD in my area.


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donna, u could always get one of ur clients to do it all for you lol.

when i was thinking abut doing LL, I met up with the LLC and she kept calling me names like "wally" and "twit". now im pretty thick skinned and been called plenty worse but it jst struck me "omg u arent really helping establish trust/rapport here...." lol. considering what place she was going to hold in my life it put me right off!
donna, u could always get one of ur clients to do it all for you lol.

when i was thinking abut doing LL, I met up with the LLC and she kept calling me names like "wally" and "twit". now im pretty thick skinned and been called plenty worse but it jst struck me "omg u arent really helping establish trust/rapport here...." lol. considering what place she was going to hold in my life it put me right off!
:eek: OMG! That was nasty of her to do that to you as her potential client! Wow...! I would go elsewhere and report her to the HQ!

I was lucky, because my LLC has been kind enough to get subtitled DVDs especially for me. She even wrote down some of what the other members were saying, so I feel part of the group.


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thats really good. a good counselor is absolutely vital in these VLCDs. i dont think she did it spitefully to me...it was more of an eye rolling "silly duck" kinda thing but i thought she ought to be a bit more charming at £66 a go LOL
Mine is about 6 miles away which isn't a problem but only having one 40 miles away must be a nightmare, as you say you're going to be out for 4 hours! I think you'll know when you've been once or twice whether it's worth it for you - I'm not sure if you'll be able to tell on week 1 as speaking from my week 1 it was very busy with all the weighings, measurings and photographs that the LLC hardly got chance to talk.

I shall wait and see how it goes tomorrow, I had a quick look on the CD website and there is a CDC in much closer by.I will keep my fingers crossed x
I travel 100 miles round trip, when I finish LL foundation I am going to start CD as it will be a lot less expensive. I am happy on LL, and I would have paid the earth to get my weight off, but I think that 14 weeks at £66 per week, plus petrol costs is dedication enough. Angela x
Hey Bumpy, I think I would give her one more chance to turn up and be lovely but beyond that I'd be reporting her and finding another way!I am on LL and I have found the cbt valuable, but my LLC has been there from the start and told us in advance when anyone would be standing in for her, only once have we had an unexpected locum but thats because the LLC was ill which is understandable! I have felt well supported throughout, and I'm one of the lucky ones as I only need to travel 4 miles each way to get to mine. I've even bumped into her at the co-op once!Anyway, as I've said it seems wrong to dismiss how helpful she could be before meeting her, but I'm not sure it sounds too promising. I'd give her that once more to show up and be wonderful and then I'd be off to find a CDC if it doesn't work out. For a dedicated LL'er to say that I think it says a lot!Magsxxx
Ive just e mailed her with my concerns, I hope she will get back to me.Lucky for me that any questions concerns I have had the members on here have helped me.I shall keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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I travel about 5 miles to my group, which is ab fine as I work in the same town in which its held, and just attend group after work. Fits in really well. My llc been fantastic from my first contact, very very supportive and has never been rude or let us down. Last week she gace us advance notice that she wont be there in 3weeks time, and her locum (also a lovely lady0 cant be either as she will be in hospital. We have been offered the choice of another day in the week, if we like, or a pop-in and and longer session following week.

Food for thought, maybe?

All the best, Bumpy!


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Hia Bumpy,

I travel about 40 miles round trip to my nearest LLC, and she's great. It takes just over half an hour as it is mostly motorway (even travelling 5.30). It think it's been worth every penny as it has worked for me.

I am sorry that you have had a 'bumpy' start with your LLC. I hope she can make it up to you. If you do ultimately decide to transfer to CD, please do raise your concerns with LL HO. They can't solve the problem if they don't know about it.

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