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How good is your CDC?

Hiya all,
I was wondering how good you felt your CDC was and, in fact, WHY they are called counsellors when they don't actually counsel you!
Mine spent half an hour with me at my first meeting while I bombarded her with questions about the diet and then I bought 2 weeks worth of shakes/soups.
Since then I have been for 2 WIs with her and, both times, have been weighed, given a list to fill in of more shakes/soups to buy and then more or less rushed out of the door until the next time.
On both of my WI occasions she had organised for another of her clients to visit her so there was no time to talk anyway.
She then told me that I couldn't see her the following week as she was away and, now that we have finally managed to make another appointment, she has said it will have to be quick and that I will have to email my order to her in advance so that she can have it ready!
So........... What exactly is this "counselling" training that CDCs receive? What is the recommended CDC/Client time when in training?
Seems from reading these forums that there are both good and bad CDCs out there - as would be expected.
I'm just wondering if there is a Code of Practice issued by the Cambridge Diet people.
As this is all relatively new to me I don't really know what I should be expecting!
I am a trained counsellor myself and, when I phoned my CDC, she told me she was also a trained counsellor and that I would be receiving counselling. WHAT KIND!!!!!
I am really interested in your answers as I'm really confused and wondering if I'm getting a raw deal and should perhaps switch!
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I wouldn't switch if she lives locally to you. You can just use her as a merchant.
Just get your goods and run. Run to here for your support. (And counsel yourself?)
The good thing about this forum is.......it never closes!!! Any time of day or night when you need a bit of a boost, people are here for you.
CDC's are trained in the counselling of using CD safely and effectively. Some of us have other counselling qualifications outside of CD.

If you want CBT (more in depth analysis) this is something other companies offer, however, the weekly cost can be up to £30 extra.

If you want total 1:1 counselling you must let your CDC know. Most do this, however, maybe your current counsellor does not operate this way. You must make it clear what you need from your CDC and if she cannot help perhaps you need to seek out another one.

Re ordering in advance, this is usual practice as we have to record all packets sold to customers and also in order to supply each customer with the flavours and quantity they want it is important that we know in advance not to disappoint.

Try and resolve this with your current CDC.


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I'm not a CD Counsellor myself but I am sure it won't be very long before one of our members on here who is, will drop in and answer some of your questions on CD Codes of Practice.

Lacey..x :)


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C: 18st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.9
:) Linda was obviously doing that as I was posting to you!!!..lol :D
You're so right Annie . So much support and lovely people on here.
I just feel frustrated cos she really sold herself on the counselling front and told me I would get counselling from her and I was expecting some kind of one to one to deal with my issues with food - not just someone who shuffled me in and out and encouraged me to keep buying!
Like I said, I'm sure there are some excellent CDCs out there (in fact I've seen several in here who give advice and support freely).
I wish I could counsel myself but I'm crap at helping myself - am much better with other people!lol
Ah well - at least I got Minis and you guys!
Hiya Linda,
Thanks for clarifying the CDCs role.
I was just confused because I was promised one to one sessions and am not getting them.
It's not a problem for me to buy the food in advance - it keeps me on track and ensures that I don't run out before I can get to her!
Sorry if I sound like I'm moaning - I'm just new and kind of expected more support from her.
I'm thankful that I found this site and get daily support and encouragement on here. I try to spread the word around to everyone I know who is doing this diet and others about coming to this site cos it really HAS been a lifeline to me and I'm learning so much.
I feel bad for asking about it now! It was not meant as an attack on CDCs in general - more that I wanted clarification.
Thanks again for your reply
No problem at all, some of us do more in depth counselling some do not. The price of CD is based on the packs you receive not the counselling we do not charge for that as it is counselling in the use of our product.

However, other CDC's offer extra counselling sessions and these can be charged for seperately.

It is a matter of finding what suits you.

Do not ever worry about questioning anything on here its what we are here for.
I'm living in the Netherlands and my CD really takes time for me. I go to her every 2 weeks and she takes half an hour for each client. Apart from talking, advising, supporting, weighing, etc. she measures my blood pressure. Besides that i can always call her, anytime of day, if i have questions or need a peptalk.

Counselling is part of the diet, i only pay for the meals.

If i were you i would seek another CDC because i think it's very important that you feel stimulated and supported.

Hi there - as linda has explained the "counselling" element of a CDC is in the use of the diet - however as your CDC specifically mentioned it at the start i would definitely speak to her or drop her an email explaining you really need that support and asking her to book you in for an exclusive session.
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It is Cambridge who call us "counsellors" and what you pay for is your food packs. Many of us have some degree of counselling skills, or otherwise experience with dieting and reasons for overeating etc in general life.

I always tell new clients the first session will take about an hour - and even if they have some understanding of VLCD's i like to go into detail what Cambridge entails, side effects, etc etc. After that I usually allow 30mins per client to come be weighed, measured, talk about their week, problems and re-order. I have some clients who email me in advance and tell me what they want - it's ready when they arrive ... they jump on the scales and are almost running out the door saying "see you next time"! They are few and far between though!! And as I can talk for england, I find most people sit and chat. I wouldn't profess to "counsel" although try to deal with issues my clients have and certainly help them with readjusting to adding food to their diet and maintainence.

I think you should point out your concerns to your CDC .... tell her what you would like ... then if she can help she may do so, otherwise see if there is someone else local to you and see if they are more suitable for you. Sometimes it is a case of trial and error - but if you don't have faith in your CDC it makes it harder.

Good luck .... and there are always fantastic people on here to help.
Thanks everyone for your advice. I will have a chat to my CDC when I see her this week. I may be misinterpreting the whole situation so should give her a chance!
Cheers! (done with a drink of water!lol):D

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