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How hard is this drinking water malarkey!!!!

God I feel so bloated :(

I don't drink very much normally so it's so strange to me. I have had 3 large glasses of water so far and I'm really starting to struggle

I don't start till tomorrow but wanted to start the water thing today. I have had to download an iPhone app just to remind me to drink
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I will do this!!!
i HATE water and the only intake i had was in tea and coffee. But now i drink the full 3lts and enjoy the water. I have the flavoured water because thats the only water i can drink.


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You just get used to it - it gets so its second nature, I don't even think about it.
Good luck


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Once you are on the diet you'll probably feel a lot thirstier so the large water intake doesn't seem so bad.

I really enjoy the water now.

Ex-diet coke addict.

Good luck with Exante.
I am / was a coke junkie but now manage the water when I'm at home with sparkling water with lots of ice !! Not quite the same but mire manageable !!

Good luck xx
I drink loads of coffee (with skimmed milk) and that fills me up and I have small bottles of water so it's easier to cope with. I tried tesco flavoured water but found it really sweet.
Funny, I have always hated plain water - always drank Pepsi Max, no hot drinks ever.

I'm now in my fourth week and in week two I switched to drinking Perfectly Clear flavoured water as I was struggling with the plain stuff. A week or so later and I am really finding the flavour is too much and I am drinking tap water again!!

Had some Dr Pepper/Coke zero in week one but it tastes like crap so I'm pretty much converted to plain water and it's now fine.

water drinking will start to come easier. Don't force it through the firts few days - let your body build. You need it to transport the fat and keep hydrated + v good for skin which needs to shrink. I standardly drink 3-3.5l a day i reckon and many days it really doesn't feel difficult. Early on i tried to drink more in the morning to avoid night time peeing, now i just drink throughout day and keep a bottle by my bed to drink too

Your body gets used to it

Incidentally i see others drink coke and flavoured water. Do that if you need to but really your body prefers water without the added chemicals to detox - it's going through a massive detox programme as the fat melts away. So if you need to to keep sane then ok, otherwise best to stick to non sparkling water as much as possible
Thanks everyone

I am avoiding anything other than packs and plain water. At least for the first week

It has been getting easier, I drank 2 litres before 2pm yesterday, of course the weather helps

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I can quite easily get through a 1.5ltr bottle at my desk during the day. I think the air-conditioning in the office helps as it tends to make my throat dry.
lol! Could be worse though - at least you are only in there counting them cos you're tinkling....and not trying to coax out a poop! xx
Agreed - water out more annoying than water in at the moment. Surely I won't be going to the loo every 20 mins for the next few months???? Someone please reassure me that your body/bladder adjust...

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