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How hard was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well dinner today was supposed to be pot roast beef but it took ages cooking so hubby decided he would like to eat out and..........

we have just come back from La Tasca at the Trafford Centre and all i did was drink water, it was absolute torture but i am so proud of myself, just need to get through the next 2 days now and it will hopefully get easier.
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That's certainly a baptism of fire you went through there! Well done for sticking to your water :) It might not seem like fun right now, but just wait until you start seeing/feeling the results.

I hope the next few days fly over for you :)
Well done, not sure I could have done the same... in fact I didn't, I ate alongside DH at Prezzo today.... well done for sticking to your guns.


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A big pat on the back! What determination you must have - it can only get easier............at least it's not father's day more than once a year!


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Well done. I remember a few weeks back me and my mates went to see Enrique Iglasias. We went to a restaurant first for a meal and they had the works and I asked them to make my CD soup. I sat with my soup and water :) I was so proud of myself.
Well done, just goes to show how determined you are!!
I don't know how you do it. I just avoid going out!
Som great determination there. well done
i agree with Broxi I avoid going out, It's enough tempation going to the supermarket at the deli counter never mind sitting in a restaurant
Thanks everyone, i think it was on here that i read if every time you were tempted by anything then give it a price tag of the cost of the weeks diet, it's certainly made me think twice when i've caught myself (through habit) trying to finish something off or just picking when i'm cooking, here's hoping it lasts.


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Hehe I think that was my post, or it's something I've said anyway. Glad that I could be of help, or that my thinking could anyway!

You did amazingly well to resist, you should be proud of yourself. Maybe if you can afford it you could give yourself some kind of little treat that isn't food related!!

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