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How have I done?



I ate my willpower!
I don't think your eating enough. Are you feeling hungry? What part of the chilli was 8 syns?
Really? I had loads of pasta salad at lunch and tons of rice with my tea. No - not hungry.

The 8 sins is that yesterday someone posted that a colmans mix for chilli was 8. So i reckon i had 2 or less. I'm sure everything else init was free.

If i take the beans out the chilli, can i just count the packet mix sins on a red day if i eat the leftovers? ?Therefore it would be just 2 sins again?

Also, Are jacket pots free on both days?

Thank you x


I ate my willpower!
Yea I dont see why not. So long are your not hungry, thats the main thing. The idea is to eat 80% free food, 15% HEX's and 5% syns. I find I have good loses when I roughly stick to this ratio.
Thank you for that...I am going to try a red day today. Hope I can find enough to eat that I don't miss my carbs.
Hi Whoami...firstly welcome!
Secondly, if you get the chance, have a look at the Slimming World Diaries. I have posted my meals since I started on the 11th November, maybe you can get some ideas there for red days, as I eat far more red than green (I bloat on green days, so tend to only have 2 max a week), however some people on here eat them everyday and have no effect...everyone is different.
Definitely try and have a look at the diaries though!



I ate my willpower!
You can have a jacket pot as a healthy extra on a red day as long as you eat the skin. I like wedges. Makes it easier to eat the skin if your not that keen. Also, you can have brown pasta as a HEX too, but remember to weigh it!
Those packet chilli mixes have so many sins in them - I had to wean myself off them when I did SW the first time around.

Now I make chilli with quorn, tinned and fresh toms, onions, garlic, mushrooms and either chilli powder or fresh chillies - it tastes much better, has no sins on either day (I don't like kidney beans but sometimes put baked beans in on a green day) and is just as cheap if not cheaper!


want to be me again ...
I have sin free chilli (on green )made up in the fridge all the time its my saviour ..i make mine with onions mushrooms peppers garlic quorn tin chopped tomatoes tin kidney beans and tin of baked beans ..sprinkle of low sugar chilli powder a mixed herbs and season all ...yummy xxx
Low sugar chilli powder? Does chilli powder have sugar in it then? I always presumed it was free under the 'herbs and spices' umbrella...
To make a chili without all those syns from a packet mix, you can use whichever meat/veg/quorn/beans you like, depending on whether you're having red or green or a free chili. Then, when you're frying your onions and garlic, add chili powder and (here's the tip for that proper 'chili' taste) cumin powder. Add your tomatoes, veg, meat, whatever...and let it cook slowly on the hob for an hour or so.

HTH :)

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