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How high for how long?


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So, just wondering, how long it is 'reasonable' to give the healthy diet/lifestyle thing? Given that many type 2's have no idea how long they have been type 2, it seems a tricky one to judge.

I am doing my bg's at various times of the day and certainly am within the normal ranges after food most of the time. Just wonder if a general trend of the bg's getting lower is good enough and that with enough weight off etc.. will i get there? The highest fbg I am recording is 8.8, but it does seem to be steadily declining.:cool:

I so want to steer clear of medication as long as possible but don't want to do myself any damage in the meantime. :eek:
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That's not what i meant, i know the healthy living thing is forever.

I mean how long is it sensible to avoid meds by giving the healthy eating/exercise/weight loss a chance to take effect?


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Ooops sorry.
Eventually (maybe years down the line) your numbers will start rising whatever you do so then is the time to go for the meds. This is another reason you need to be testing with your monitor. How will you know if your numbers are stable or steadily rising without monitoring?


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Thanks Leanne, that sounds sensible. I am so glad i am monitoring now because i can see what's happening and how my body reacts to certain foods etc. It's an awful lot to take in though, don't knwo how I would manage if it wasn't for the info from friends on here!


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hiya Barb :wavey: you sound a bit of a worry wart like meself!;) rest assured you're doing all the right things. I'd say a good 12 weeks should give you a fair idea of how the lifestyle change is going.

Have you been referred to diabetes consultant/clinic? How's your BP?


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Yes Lynn, I am a very bad worrier, try not to but you know how it is.... 12 weeks is interesting, yes, that should give me a reasonable chance to make the changes (which I already am) and see what effect they have.

My gp has not referred me at all. My bp is around 110/70.

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