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  1. JustGemsOfNZ

    JustGemsOfNZ Member

    This might be something everyone else already knows about but this is working brilliantly for me......

    Hypnosis & NLP (neuro linguistic programming)

    I was doing great on SS until I stopped for an unexpected vacation. After that I could not get back onto SS! I did about a dozen restarts in less than a month. I tried self hypnosis using CD's. I re-hired my personal trainer & even enlisted a friend to do SS with me. NOTHING WORKED THOUGH!

    Finally I made an appointment with a Hypnotist. I had just 2 sessions and have been totally, fantastic since then!

    I have had NO food cravings at all. I have stuck 100% to SS! It's been the easiest week ever! I specificaly asked her to help me stop thinking constantly about food, to help me drink the water every day & to take up running again. She worked on all 3 areas. I've been 100% fantastic and I love being on this diet! I feel fantastic!

    And even though I have been baking a million Christmas goodies for a Christmas Fair, I havent even been tempted to so much as lick my sticky fingers!

    So if youre struggling to get onto SS or are struggling doing it, maybe consider going to a hypnotist or if that hasnt worked for you, see a therapist who does NLP. Mine did both on me. I love her!!!!

    Merry Christmas!
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  3. change35

    change35 Full Member

    Hi that sounds great - what does she charge and what part of country is she in??
  4. JustGemsOfNZ

    JustGemsOfNZ Member

    Hi - it is freaking great. I even sat and enjoyed my shake whilst my family ate fish and chips followed by fresh strawberries last night! It's so easy and so good that I feel like I'm cheating or something!

    Im in New Zealand so I dont think my prices will be much use but I paid NZ$60 per session - which is about US$30 per session. I needed 2 sessions. My hypnotherapist was recommended by the CD's one & only NZ Counseller - who also had the same amazing results with the hypnosis & NLP.
  5. Shadaca

    Shadaca Silver Member

    wow - I'd love to do that.

    Are there any hypnocdcs around? or can anyone reccomend me a good one?
  6. sohnii_kuri

    sohnii_kuri Full Member

    Hi there!

    I called a couple of hypnosists, and their charges were something like £75 and above....:(....i told him about the diet and he wasnt too impressed. He kept saying i hate the word diets and i can train your mind to eat healthy and only eat when it wants to.....:( i was feeling just want someone to help me get back on track with cd!
    Besides i felt scared, i mean what could happen after i was hypnotised.....would i forget who i am....hehehe! sorry just feeling a bit daft! this whole diet things is driving me crazy

    sad suki
  7. sohnii_kuri

    sohnii_kuri Full Member

    Ok guys!

    i have booked a session of hypnotherapy and nlp tomorrow night...i feel so see what happens! I am prepared to do anything to get back on CD! arghhhhhhhhhhhh!

    and it didnt come cheap cost me £95, so if this doesnt work i will just accept it that i will remain fat for life!

    Will let you guys know how i get on!

  8. JustGemsOfNZ

    JustGemsOfNZ Member

    Hi Suki! How did it go? Good on you for trying it out. I felt weird too but it worked for me so I'm not knocking it! I needed 2 sessions but since then Ive not craved a thing. I had tried CDs and self-hypnosis but the results were nothing like this.

    Given the outcome of my 2 sessions, my only regret is that I didnt go do it earlier. If I look at the money I wasted on shakes & food for the time I kept trying to restart, it cost a LOT more than I spent trying this out!

    Im almost at the end of my 2nd week. I'm in heaven and feel like I'm cheating because it's so damn easy!
  9. sohnii_kuri

    sohnii_kuri Full Member

    Hi again,

    Unfortunately my session didnt go to well..:( she had a long chat with me to begin with, and she then said that she could not hypnotise me because i didnt have any issues with food. According to her i was just normal, i didnt comfort eat or emotional eat. She also said i was very motivated and she thought that maybe the diet wasnt for me...:(

    I was suprised when she said that deep down i didnt really want it, and some part of me was okay with being i found that difficult to beleive but dont know if its true!

    Well i was wondering if it didnt work because she was using hypnosis, and maybe i need NLP?

    Just wondering

    Im glad you are getting on well, its so good to hear! Maybe you can inspire me when i start again in January!

    take care
  10. change35

    change35 Full Member

    Hi Sorry to hear didn't go well

    Hi there

    Sorry it didn't go well. I have just downloaded from itunes or you can buy CD from New World Music a Guided Meditation called Slimming WillPower believe in yourself from Meditainment (Richard Latham) Its quite good you know and only costs £4.95 so even it doesn't work for you - then haven't broke the bank!! I would try it though might be just the thing to get you focussed again.

    Come on you can do it!!!
  11. sohnii_kuri

    sohnii_kuri Full Member

    thanks sharon, with most cds they ask you to eat what you want to eat or eat healthy blah blah....and because on cd you cant really eat i feel it confuses my already confused

    What is this cd about?....tell me more! is it just about will power?

    thanks babes

  12. change35

    change35 Full Member

    Meditation CD/Download

    Hi Suki

    They are guided meditations - so there are 3 on the cd/download each lasting around 20 mins each. First one you visualise yourself in secret garden - its all about being happy with yourself and doesn't really discuss what to eat. The second one is visualising being on a beach holiday with your family once you are at goal weight - again doesn't mention food. The 3rd one does but I didn't listen to it as I know what you mean you end up getting confused when they mention food and healthy eating. I have found it useful also to relax and make you feel uplifted which is good as sometimes on the CD you can get down with the no eating bit. If you go onto Itunes you can preview/listen to a little bit of it . Good luck and let me know if you do buy it and what you think of it.
    Take care
  13. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    I have that CD too. I actually have a few from Meditainment and I find them very relaxing and uplifting.

    Here's the link to the CD details on Amazon: slimming willpower

    Even if it doesn't work per se, I think being relaxed in yourself certainly helps with sticking to something - something I can't say I've been good at recently. Need to dig my MP3 player back out and get listening again methinks :)
  14. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    Oh I also did an NLP night class a couple of years ago, just as I started LL for the first time and found that really useful and uplifting also - helped me complete 6 months abstinence without cheating once.

    Why on earth am I struggling and not using these tools anymore :confused:
  15. lillypop

    lillypop now got pictures in album

    Hiya, does that just have music on there or is it talking as well? I might get it.
  16. sohnii_kuri

    sohnii_kuri Full Member

    thanks alot guys, i shall get the cd and try!
    I am prepared to try anything to be honest!!

    kind regards
  17. change35

    change35 Full Member

    Keep going

    Hi Suki

    Let me know how you get on - ps you can also download from itunes if you want to get it quicker - I'm always impatient waiting for things in post!!!

    Good luck

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