How I snacked at the Cinema on Saturday


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I love the cinema - and not just because of the films - oh no... the popcorn and pick and mix are always worth a visit ;)
Now that I am doing my CD I decided to try something different so I could watch a film and still have snacks. I cut one cranberry bar in half and one chocolate bar in half (CD Bars of course)to have 2 different flavours, cut them into little pieces, into a freezer bag and put them into the freezer to go very cold.
When we got to the cinema, I watched the film snacking on my little bits of bars which were two differnt flavours so each little bite was a suprise (god that sounds sad!) but it was fantastic!!! The best thing about cutting the bars up - they last a lot longer than chomping mouthfuls and wanting more!
Just thought I would share :)
Oh, I have my next WI tonight - number 6....fingers crossed...
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What a great idea, i havent been on the bars yet, just started week 2 so will order some for next week
I too went to the cinema on Sat, and like you i love the popcorn and other stuff, like ice junkies...... i was on day 3 of CD... and suffering from starvation lol!! I took a big bottle of water and just drank that any time i thought of food, which was most of the night. I can't have the bars yet as only on first week. i'm still suffering and starving but not giving in. I'm finding it hard to have a social life at the mo, everything seems to involve eating or drinking..... how am i going to cope?


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I know how you feel - people still seem to be in Party mode. I went to a birthday party on saturday and was on water! It does make you feel a little strange though as you are not joining in with the nibbles!


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When I did LL a few years back I was determined not to let it ruin socialising. When I went to a restaurant i used to fib and say I had massive food allergies and could I just have bowl and some hot water, no one ever said no and I had my soups, i also did it on holiday in Greece for 2 weeks with a travel kettle there was no way i was gonna ruin it by eating has a bar for lunch so i ahd something to munch and it was fine, came back 10lb lighter. These days I would gain this easy hence I am back on the wagon!!