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How important is it having ur partner's support?

S: 14st4.5lb C: 13st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st7.5lb(3.74%)
Yes, he and my son will eat whatever I put in front of them.
Is he scared of you losing weight maybe? Some men can be x


When i get my head round to doing this after i find a job, i will have to gather bags of motivation and strength. SW is the better plan and believe me i have done most diets in my 40 years...*

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Linda you seem to be in a very low place at the moment looking at your posts. Are you suffering depression? Have you been to your doctors?

Hope that you are ok?


Im glad u have that support..no he just sees me,as a failure..and says i look a state generally , and fat f**** in times of arguments. The thing is i agree with him. I am a state, and obesely fat one at 40 yrs old and 20 ish stone..dieting since my teens...fattest ever been. Night ramblings eh... lol
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I'd like to say he does support me. However, he doesn't really congratulate me on my weight loss, but does understand why and how I manage to spend more on shopping than I used to. Also, if he doesn't fancy eating the same as me, he will go and make his own food.
S: 14st4.5lb C: 13st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st7.5lb(3.74%)
Oh, Hun, he really knows how to push your buttons. We're all here to give you all the support you want or need. When we're told things like that continually, it's easy to believe it must be true. Prove him wrong. We'll be with you every step of the way x


Thanks big bear..true as. Even did pyschology degree...but accident yrs back meant i never completed my final year. Then with losing my dad in a day to terminal aggressive cancer..told in morn, he died that night..im a classic case lol... thanks for ur kind words :)
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Sorry ur so low Linda... {{{hug}} My hubby's support is invaluable. He joined with me to make sure I go every week. He also cooks the SW way for me on occasion. I'm a lucky, lucky gal.
S: 14st7lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 4st0lb(27.59%)
My husband has been supportive over the years with my weight loss, but he would prefer if I stop. He gets annoyed that I can't see that I am not fat, he likes the way I am and loves that I have a big bottom lol! When we met I was the size I am now and never once said I was fat when I was a size 18/20. I have friends that BF's have called them fat cow or other not so nice names.
I guess what gets to me is that he cannot understand how unhappy I was with my weight and makes me happier being slimmer. But then again I do still see myself as bigger than I am and he gets fed up with me, sometimes I get fed up with me lol!
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Iused to have a partner like that I went on to have 2 children by him, he left me when i was 3 months pregnat with my 2nd son! I have been woth my now bloke a lovely Irish man for 10 years he is sooo suportive of me, him and the boys will eat what ever i put in from of them appart form tonight me and the boys are having a tuna bake lol and he hates tuna so he will make is own dinner, he loves me so much and me him.

I really do feel for you, I felt uselss after the boys dad left me for a thinner model and i was only a size 12 then he used to call me fat and ugly all the time, I would get ready to go on a night out and he would tell me to take stuff off as I looked horrible in it I loved him so much I would do as he said!!!! how stupid was I, Dont listen to what he says if you want this only you can how ever long it takes you you are I am sure a lovely person and no man sould ever put you down hun it took me a long time to realize that, be strong and keep popping on we can all do this together!!!! xxxxxx
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My BF is supportive although he can forget I'm on SW and will add wine, flour etc to food as well as eating takeaways. The last time he brought a pizza in to the house, I sat down and ate half and he didn't bring any more takeaways in again, ha ha!


Determination is Key
S: 18st0lb C: 14st7.0lb G: 9st1lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 3st7lb(19.44%)
I would say it's extremely important to have the support of someone, whether that's your OH or someone else.
Without some support and encouragement, we end up feeling like we're doing it for nothing. And you know where that leads...

My OH supports me wholeheartedly, tells me well done when I have a loss, and tells me it's okay if I have a STS/gain, that I'll lose it next week! He will eat anything and everything (he's like a dustbin!) and doesn't complain about any SW foods.

The only thing he does that really gets to me is... he'll sit down at night and have a few treats (few = lots) and doesn't even notice me sitting there, alternately smoking at the ears, and drooling from the mouth lol
But hey... I can't slap a Big Mac out of some random person's hand 'cos it's making me crave one, so I suppose I can't ban OH from having his little picnics either.

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