How is everyone feeling today?

Finding it too cold, especially my hands. Hot veg drinks are helping though.
Lost a pound overnight so that has perked up my motivation!
Yeh it is freezing isnt it, there was ice on my windscreen this morning..yikes!!, im all tucked up at work my desk is in the corner and ive got the radiator on next to me so im all warm and cosy, come on over and have a,

Ive weighed myself too and gone down 5lbs since the day i started but I guess that may fluctuate so not taking it too seriously till I weigh in next week.
Day 3 for me too and so far sailing through it bar the headache yesterday .... just about to make a hot choccie to warm myself up!
Also have lost 5lb since day 1 but again, like you not going to think about it now as it will probably be different next Monday for my weigh in! lol!
Well done - keep it up!!!
my nose is soooo cold lol i've just put my heating back on to make me feel happier. other than that just tired
Cold.... Cold.... Cold....:(

and to top it all I've got to pop out and leave the heater under my desk to get some money out to pay CDC tonight...:(

Apart from that, having a good day and thank god for small mercies - Summer Berry in hot water...:)
I'm cold too :confused: - got me thermals on and an extra top;) , and a scarf - but not wearing gloves to type in as too many typos!:D :D :D

Apart from that am ok - bit pressured at work :rolleyes: but that's ok (sort of!) lol:)

Looking forward to getting home to some chilli crisps! :eek: :p
i'm cold too. :D

Doing well though. ahd 2 packs and 2 litres of water so far. this restart lark is very hard though. My advice to all those doing this for the first time. KEEP GOING cheating is not worth it!!!!:)
I'm on day 33...feeling crap, bunged up, freezing cold and my head hurts....

On the plus side, my daughter is in holiday club as its half term and they rang me because she had a hama bead stuck in her ear and were taking her to hospital to have it popped out itself by the time I got I got to leave and am now at home feeling marginally better...and Chloe wanted to stay at holiday club once the bead popped out!
Ok ..... now the day is almost over I am starting to crave something savoury and yum ... why oh why are there so many shake flavours and not enough new soups?

I know exactly how you feel - I survive all day at work with no problems but the minute I walk through the door I'm just thinking food food food..... :(