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How is this possible!!!!!!!!!!????????

Hi All. Hope you're all having a calm lovely restfull sunday.

I have a question.

Yesterday, I wasn't very proud of my diet. I was eating throughout the day, having big main meals, and snacking like a rabbit between meals.

So I wasn't looking forward to weighing myself this morning.

Got up this morning, stood on the scales and I am half a kilo lighter. :confused::confused::confused:

Oke, I understand that it could just be waterloss, but I drink gallons of water, so if anything I SHOULD BE GAINING WATER WEIGHT, not losing!! do you get what i'm saying??

ow god, don't know what to make of this. do you?
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A lot of weight gain and loss doesn't seem to make sense because of water retention, TOTM, etc.

The only way to check as realistically as poss is to weigh at the same time, on the same day once a week.

Saying that I'm worlds worse for weighing too often and if I seem to have lost I can either think 'yea' and it'll spur me on, but if I'm having a bad day and I think I've lost I think 'I can eat extra coz I've lost' but then I put on by the end of the week.

I do try to only take notice of my once a week Monday morning weight.

1. if you didnt make sure you weigh yourself same time and with same clothes (naked gives your "true" weight)
2. it might take 1 or 2 days for the food to do "damage" to your body and weigh more
3. it might also be that because you've been eating healthy small meals during the day, your metabolism has gotten faster and burnt what you ate that day off. dont think it will continue doing it though. stick to your diet. 1 day eating what you want is enough. eat 3-4 days what you want and then we will see the scales go down! lol
Yes the same happens to me sometimes ad i still do not know why, but i have noticed thatitis betterto eat a bit more thanreally starve yourself, you loose more, i weight myself up to 10 times a day.
Weight fluctuates by up to 7 pounds during the day, if you drink and eat . I am becoming an expert, and by the time i go to bed i can predict what weigh i will be when i get up.
Also if i weigh myself one hour after the first weigh in in the morning, i will have lost another pound. the body is funny really.

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