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how it works


loves minimins
just a little info on it would do
The principle is the same as slimfast I guess but the carbs are MUCH lower and that pretty much means the weightloss is quicker. I checked slimfast packs for you and they have WAY more sugar.
also you go into mild ketosis on CS im not sure if you do on slimfast.
ive never done slim fast, but cs is good because the shakes are really nice and filling i have tasted slimfast and it tastes like powed or wafers. this seems exepensive but a box is like the price of a takeaway once a week,its also planned out with the guide it gives u a list of foods and there nutrition so you know what you can and cant eat and a diary so you write down exactly what you eat.what exersize you do,veg intake water intake etc... so you can keep track!
its great im on day three and feel good.
Good luck xx
i would reccomend this to anyone who needs rules in stone to follow and also a bit of their power regarding food took away. i mean i can do ww but its too much freedom for me and to be honest the results are too slow for me lol
Hi Kelly - I'm only on day 5 of CS but finding it really good, easy to follow and I'm not any more hungry than I'd normally be.

You replace 2 meals a day with a shake/soup/bar, have a protien based meal once a day with unlimited veg/salad and you can also have up to 3 low-carb snacks a day (say certain fruit, cheese, ham, tuna, veg, 1/2 bar etc). The book that comes with the CS starter pack lists all what you can and can't eat.

There are loads of meal replacement diets out there, such as Slim Fast, and they are all kinda similar, but as Lexi pointed out CS is much lower in carbs than most, so you will lose weight quicker.

Good luck if you decide to give it a try, the starter pack from Rowlands (instore or online and their the only seller in the UK of CS) gives you everything you need to get started, even a shaker! x
i liked the caramel, its quite sweet though. i had planned to do a bit this morning as the kids were meant to be in nursery but my oldest was up too late last night and i didnt have the heart to wake him this morning he looked so content lol lucky him eh!!
I started slimfast on jan 1st and did it for 2 weeks, I lost 4lb in 2 weeks and I was always hungry. It was such a struggle to stick with it, I think its because of the high sugar content in slimfast, you get a rush of energy and then feel worn out.
I have been on CS 4 days now and I feel fantastic! I had a headache yesterday (probably caffiene withdrawal) but its gone today.
I am going the gym in abit, which is a minor miracle as I can never usually be bothered!
thanks every one will be going to get mine on monday, another question can i get it instore or do they deliver it?
you can order online or buy instore. 3.95 delivery though

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