How I've been losing weight this week..

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by laurenmay, 9 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. laurenmay

    laurenmay Gold Member

    I haven't really stuck to a regimented diet plan for a while now. With things going on in my personal life & everything being a bit hectic, I've been dieting really well and staying below calories for a day or two, and then eating rubbish with friends the next day, then dieting again etc etc.

    Well I hopped on the scales this morning expecting to see that I've stayed the same for the 2nd week in a row, but instead I've dropped 3lbs.

    I've been unintentionally zig zagging calories & it's been working for me, so I think this is a method I'll regularly use now & see how I get on.

    I'm not gonna follow JUDDD, cause I think the down days are a bit too low at under 500, so instead will work my own pattern & see how it works for me until I find the perfect one :)
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  3. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    That's a good idea, Lauren, you should get good results from that. I saw you were thinking of going back on a VLCD - I personally think you're much better off in the long run sticking with CC. :) xx
  4. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Hey Lauren, that's what i've been doing too. I eat at maintenance for 3 days (just under 1900 now), then at 1450 calories for the other 4 days. It workes really well for me and looking forward to the high calorie days really keep me on track.
  5. happyhippo

    happyhippo Silver Member

    That's a good idea, how would I work out my cals and how do I zigzag them , can anyone help
  6. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Well done, can u explain JUDD or whatever it was hehe I've seen people saying think not sure what is was about?

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
  7. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    JUDDD is Johnson Up-Day Down-Day, and is an intermittent fasting plan, where you eat very low calorie on some days (about 500 cals) then more on others(say 2,000). It's supposed to have great health benefits, but I'd struggle with the down days I think. I'm reading his book at the moment. I actually do daily fasting, where you fast for 14 hours each day - it just suits my eating patterns. :) xx
  8. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Google 'TDEE Calculator', pop in your height and weight and your activity levels (i wouldn't include proper exercise in this). I have a desk job so mine was set as sedentary.

    When you have the number multiply it by 7...this gives you your total calories for the week to maintain your weight. For example, mine is 1880 x 7 = 13160

    Then subtract 3500 calories if you want to lose 1lb, 1750 calories if you want to lose 1/2 lb etc.

    I aim to lost 1/2 lb by cutting calories and another 1/2 lb with exercise (i'll explain that bit later). So 13160-1750 = 11410 for the week.

    I then decided what the minimum i could eat comfortably on a day would be, for me it is 1450...i really don't want to eat below this number. So 1450 x 4 days = 5800. Subtract this from the weekly number...11410-5800 = 5610. I have 3 days that i want to eat higher calories, so 5610/3 = 1870.

    So mon, tues, weds, thurs i eat 1450. Then fri, sat, sun i eat 1870.

    Then to lose the other 1/2 lb i aim to burn 1750 calories by exercise (i have a heart rate monitor), but go closer to 2000 to make up for any over estimation by the heart rate monitor.

    Hope that isn't too confusing!

    I'm sure if you google zig zag calorie calculator something will come up and do it for you.
  9. happyhippo

    happyhippo Silver Member

    Wow thanks for hat, it was very helpful and well explained
  10. Emilyx

    Emilyx Silver Member

    hmm, been looking into this as there are days i dont want to eat as much but cant do 500 calories of juddd with the walking 5 miles a day etc.. anyways i found this calculator online

    Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs

    not sure if its a good one lol but it does give you zig zag calories.

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