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how long are people doing attack for???

Ive lost 5 lbs after 3 days on attack :D as im new to the diet I was wondering if I do attack for 10 days would I still lose weight at this rate or would it slow down next week?? Ive noticed most people dont seem to do it for longer the 5 days, I dont find it bad at all and could prob cope with doing it for longer!!!
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attack for more than 5 days will not usually make a difference and put strain on your body ...and you probably wont lose much more than if on cruise
You will probably find if you do 10 days your first couple of days on pv will put on weight


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I went to the www.dukandiet.co.uk site and got the recommendation of 7 days from there according to my 11 answers.

I'm sure someone with more experience of It will be along soon but I've seen a few people say it's important you don't do it for too long as it can make things a bit trickier once on cruise. Losses may be slower etc.

You've had a great loss! I would suggest you follow the recommendations given by Dr Dukan as he seems pretty spot on with amounts lost by what date etc.

No go and enjoy those veggies! :)
Thanks, I went on the website and it was suggested i did attack for 6 days so after what you say i will prob stick to it!! just getting carried away as chuffed with weight loss to date!!!
I just did mine eventually it says 6 days (i think that is fair) at least we can add veg then, eating just protein would get very boring, im not very adventurous in the kitchen department
Me nither!! I find that when i have salad I cant stomach it unless it has dressing on it and I get fed up with it very easily!!!
ive stuck to it for 7 days and have 2 and half hours left on attack :)

upto day 5 id lost 10lb so ive done it a couple more days and i'll weigh myself tomorrow to see how much in total ive lost in 7 days.

well chuffed with the results, your doing great aswell :D x
Ohh well done! let me know how you get on tom? id be interested to know as we have similar amounts of weight to lose!!
Ooo I hope I lose like that, not very optimistic atm, I feel I ate too much tonight as I did not take food into work with me.
Im sure you will be fine!! I ate fruit yoguart yesterday didn't realise it was a no no!!!!
I got the right yoghurt but the wrong cottage cheese but we are all learning here lol.
Do you weight yourself every day or every week??
I'll probably go on the scales in the morning see if anything is happening.
I dont have scales at home keep maening to get some, before Dukan I was on weight watchers but getting no where fast but I still have monthly pass to use up so went to get weighed there today due back next wednesday I sometimes jump on the sacles at work but not in work till end of next week so will prob continue to weigh weekly as daily can give you false readings sometimes cause of water retention and then I get disheartened!! xx
I have always tried to be a weekly weigher as it can be so disheartening to see fluctuations and scales going up - but in the book he does actually suggest weighing daily in the early stages to see the scales going down everyday. I'm so so pleased to say he was right! :D I've made sure I only do it once though, at the same time (in my undies!) ;)


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I'm on day 6 of attack.I weighed every day for the first 3 days,one day lost21/2Ibs,one day lost 1/4Ib:eek:,next day gained 3/4Ib so now I,m going to weigh weekly!Not very impressed by daily weighing!!
I did attack for 7 days and lost 13lbs, very impressed and weighed daily. However since going onto cruise I shown a stayed the same followed by 2 small days of gain; so I have decided that from now on I will weigh weekly and on my 14th day. So have not ammended my stats to show any gain as I am sure it should have just been a fluctuation due to changing onto cruise.


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I don't think doing too many days helps... I started at 4 days Attack and lost 11lbs by 5th day (starting ~208lbs). I slooooooooowed considerably 1st week on Cruise (can see Diary for exact weights each day) but in the end, very successful. My recommendation would be to focus on the end-goal... not immediate results. Think where you want to be, how you're going to get there, and most importantly - how are you going to STAY there :)

Best of luck to you!


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The doctor says it in all his interviews over here. There is no point, except for the heavily obese (to get a good kickstart on what will be a very long journey), in doing more than three to five maximum days on attack.

He's studied the weight losses (via his private patients, and his official websites - hence this is not in the book!) of those who do 3 days and 7, seeking similar losses, and the weight loss difference is not major. Yet the side effects of an overly long attack period are widely documented (ahem... transit issues!).

So by all means stick to whatever the UK official site recommends for YOUR profile, but no more...

Phew..looks like i found this site just in time.

From reading the book, with around 70lbs to loose I figured id need to do the max of 10 days even though the website said 7.

Good news for me.. i can have mushrooms and spinach with my steak next saturday.. woohoo :)

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