How long can one SS??


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Is there any limit on how long one can SS???

Cambridgeusa seems to only want 2 weeks of SS and then up it to about 850cal a day.
And I know that I should follow the dictates of my own program, but I was wondering if there is any really good reason as to why I couldn't SS for, say, 4 weeks or so.

I've been on SS for 4 months...but that's LL...
On CD UK, you SS for four weeks, then do one week of Add a meal. If you want to SS for longer than 4 weeks at a stretch, you need your dr's signature and ok. That's why (I believe) on LL you are meant to have monthly check ups? Or at least have to get your Dr to sign you off beforehand.
We have to comply with the EU guidelines so we SS for 4 weeks then have a meal on top of packs for 1 week unless you have docs permission.

Not sure what the difference in nutrients etc is for CambridgeUSA, so maybe thats why they don't allow it for more than 2 weeks at a time?:confused:
The uk Cambridge says you can SS for 4weeks then add a meal in week 5. I think this is down to EU regulations ... and LL get round it by getting you to go to the Doctors for a blood pressure check after 4weeks.

Not sure about the USA cambridge Cait.