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How long did it take you to lose...?

Hi daisy

I have five stone to drop too, I started two weeks ago and my first goal is to lose 1.5-2 stone for Christmas ?

I love the fact I'm not hungry on this plan and hope to optimise always now lol!
Hi daisy

I have five stone to drop too, I started two weeks ago and my first goal is to lose 1.5-2 stone for Christmas ?

I love the fact I'm not hungry on this plan and hope to optimise always now lol!
It's good to have someone in the same boat. How much have you lost so far if you don't mind me asking? I am aiming for the same loss by Christmas. I've already lost 3 stone by calorie counting/5:2 but I wanted something more sustainable!
I lost 2lbs in my first week and that was star week (tmi sorry) and my next weigh in is Monday I feel different and the bloat is going thankfully lol

How are you feeling on it Hun??
I feel great so far, have more energy and don't get the usual afternoon slump. I always gain weight around star week so hopefully you see a big loss come Monday.

I'm weighing in on Monday too, you'll have to keep me updated. We should buddy up :)
That would be great I have a thread on diaries page shows what I'm eating

Totally determined to to lose unhealthy fat on my body and hopefully be able to sort out my health.

Maybe eventually have a baby ....
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I will have a peak at your diary and will look for you on FB. I find it helpful seeing what others eat, good for ideas too. That's exactly why I want to lose weight too! I got married last month and we have been trying for a baby for a while...it's good motivation.
We have been marked five years and I had some issues with fertility but today I had good news and I'm hoping it's a sign that these changes are fixing for the better - I post pics of some of the foods I eat on fb page food yourself with Ceri

I love cooking and I find that helps me keep focused lol

It's great that you are doing so well and a great reason to keep you motivated too x
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Welcome all, I broke it up into half a stone goals it seems so much more manageable that way. I also purchased myself small rewards for every stone, none food related to remind myself how far I had come. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, just to say well you kick ass, also its a good reminder when you are having a wobble!
Don't forget to take your measurements too as its really rewarding watching those inches fall off.
Everyone loses weight differently so try not to compare too much, everyone's journey is personal. It took me 31 weeks to lose 5 stone, but I had a lot more to go at afterwards too. Good luck everyone, you can do it :D

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It took me 10 months to lose 5 stone, then it slowed down and took another 10 months to lose 2.5 stone. The last stone has some off while I have been at target, probably due to the fact that I do lots of waliking now!
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Hi, took me 33 weeks to lose 5 stone, haven't made much more progress these last few weeks, a few treats and I think things may be slowing down now I have less to lose. The half stone awards in group definitely kept me going and I do wish I'd measured at the start to know how many inches I'm losing.


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It took me about eleven months to lose five stone. It came off fairly quickly at first but slowed down towards the end - it took five weeks for me to lose the last two pounds and get to target! I focused on half a stone at a time, and tried not to think about anything other than that. Stick with it, it does work!
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Took me 12 months to lose just under 3 and a half stone. Got a stone and a half to go. Having a wobble at the moment though and just keep binging even though I know it's bad. I'm letting myself loosely stick to it today and then back on the wagon tomorrow!
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When I joined I had 84lbs/6st to lose.

It's taken me 9 WI's to lose 13.5lbs.

70.5lbs left to lose.

I would love to have this all gone by 12th March 2016.

We shall seeeeeeeeee!!!

Thank you for your replies, it is really encouraging.

Love the idea of little treats to keep me going, as well as breaking it into smaller chunks.

Well done everyone...some true inspirations x
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I break it down into smaller chunks. I have lost 1 stone 3 lbs so far in 6 weeks on SW, next target for me is club 10 which is I think 5 lbs away, then I am aiming to get to 14 stone, then 13 stone... that kind of thing. If I think of the ultimate target, it seems quite far away!


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I'm on my first week of SW and I'm really enjoying the plan. I feel it is a way of eating for life rather than a temporary diet. I have over 5 stone to lose and just wondered if anyone else has lost this amount of weight so far or is on the way to doing so. Also, what were your mini targets?

Daisy x
Just checked my weight loss spreadsheet. It took me 22 weeks to lose 5st.

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