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How long does it usually take.....


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......for your body to adjust to a new diet ??

3 weeks ago I decided to cut all the bad foods out of my diet and eat 3 set meals a day and have fruit as a snack option.

Fizzy drinks are out of the window and have seriously cut back on the weekend alcohol.

In those 3 weeks although I feel better I am not seeing any losses on the scales and it seems tedious.

Just wondering is there a time period that your body needs to adjust to the new calorie intake before it begins to burn the fat stores?
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Everybody's different, but I would have expected to see a loss within 3 weeks. I'd make sure that you're not making up for the unhealthy foods and fizzy drinks by having larger portions at those meal times. Also fruits tend to be more calorific than vegetables...what fruits are you eating? Apples and oranges are ok, but for example if you eat a banana as a snack after each meal, you'll be eating an extra 300 calories. I would think the best thing to do is keep a food diary for a week, record your weight on day 1, and at the end of the week on it, and if the scale's not budged, I'd either think of a different plan, or otherwise talk to the doctor about asking to see a dietician. Usually they're keen to refer, and you can get a food plan drawn up.


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The first week of the diet I was eating ;

Breakfast - Porridge

Lunch - Wholemeal sandwich with chicken breast or Tuna

Dinner - Jacket Potato with skinless chicken breast and vegetables.

Not a big lover of bananas so I mainly eat apples or oranges.

Week 2 I moved onto meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch and then a healthy dinner.

I am still currently taking the meal replacement shakes but over the 2 weeks my weight just seems to drop a pound and then gain the pound back. No drastic first week losses or anything to write home about.

I always drank alot of water so I have upped my intake to about 3litres a day.

May look at changing to Exante for 4 weeks


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Your diet choices are great, so it's not that. I would say not enough calories but you're having the shakes too so that should be about right, with perhaps about 500 calorie deficit, so 1 pound a week. However, if you have gone from shakes back to normal food (even if you're also still having the shakes), you'd normally have a 2-5lb gain, which you haven't, and so this could explain why you're not showing any significant loss. You've possibly gained water/glycogen back and lost fat instead... I reckon keep at it another couple of weeks, and see if it works, and if not, then maybe exante is the way to go... I'm on exante, but only lose 3lb a week so looking to go the other way, back to a healthy diet as I'd still lose 2lbs a week or so....however I do realise the first couple of weeks will show a stall or weight gain because of the water gain from eating carbs again.


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Hi AMW , how tall are you and how much do you need to lose. If you are close to a normal weight then it may be difficult to get a lbs shifting. Ive kinda stuck around the 10.10 mark now for a while despite my food generally being pretty low, and it really doesnt take very much to see a 2lb increase from one day to the next.

Actually im happy to be at 10.10, but would like to see 10.7 on the scales, but i think my body is going through a period of adjustment again. Ive seen this happen over the months ive been losing weight. It will come off quite steadily then pull a halt on me, usually for 3 weeks or so. Im used to this cycle now so im not bothered about it, but waiting for it to get moving again feels so uncertain.


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Sorry, I am 6ft 3inches and currently weigh 250 pounds.

Ideally wanna get down to a healthy weight of 13 stone and tone up.

But being tall as it is I carry my current weight well and wouldn't class myself as obese (even though BMI says different).

I am going to stick at it for a few more weeks as the shakes seem to be filling me up and I don't have the hunger pangs anymore between meals.


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I would keep a food diary then if i were you, you should be shifting the lbs. Which shakes are you using currently? is it exante or slimfast? Carbs might be your problem, and slimfast has sugar in it. If you change to exante and keep the carbs low on your evening meal you may see the result you want. Good luck with it though, hope it works for you!


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hi there!!

i joined sw two weeks ago and have stuck to it ... no falling off the wagon or extra syns. in my first week i lost 8lbs!! but this week i have put a lb and half on ... eeek!! not sure how this has happened, only that its not an instant result. although its hard when you are putting in all the effort!