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how long has it taken to lose 4 dress sizes on lipotrim diet?


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Oooh would be good to know! :)

I know though that it really does depend on your body and you cant generalise something like this :( if only we could say 1st = 1 dress size ..............!!! lol


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i was moanin about this las week...

iv lost 2.5 stone now.. and have geon from a 20 to a 14 - 16...

but have only noticed a difference in the last half stone!!

im made up tho. want to get to a 12, so will let u knwo how long that takes me then can get some idea for urself!!

im 5ft 10 by the way...

i'm a size 24 grrrrr, i sooooooooooo want to be a size 16 at the end of july ready for my holida, my partners promised me something if i can get down to a size 16 hahahaha.x
I hope you do it, its nice your partner has given you an incentive. My hubby has just got back from a business trip and has bought me a ring, its so lovely but is too small! Its not possible to resize it so i either have to lose weight or i will never get to wear it!!

cawisu xx


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Well i am a size 22 jeans but yet a 18 on tops - messed up how out of porportion i am!! lol i am hoping to lose the bottom half first although i know it will be the top half that goes :( **sigh**

everybody is different chick, you will get to where you want to be it will just take time :)
least u have a great incentive to get there now! x


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Ive lost 2 1/2 stone and gone down a dress size on top and trousers fitting much better but still in the same size
lost over 2 stone and gone down from an 18 to a small 14 :)

One whinge - my wedding ring doesn't fit (too big!) and according to Argos ring sizes i am currently an 'i' which is children sized! What size will i be when i blimmin finish!?

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