How long have you been on ss how much did you lose


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I lost about 1 stone a month when I did CD last year. so you're looking at about 2 and a half stone before your date. But you know, if he is the one for you, your weight won't be an issue.


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You think, I'm crazy nervous, I don't know what to do? (he's a soldier)


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He should like you for you, no matter what your weight. Although I can understand you being nervous, but try not to worry.


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Hi K, the average losses for doing SS are around 14lbs a month so by then you could easily be 3st down. As for speeding it up? on it's own that's really quite a rapid weight loss and the best way to do it is to be 100%.
Good luck, hope you do well!


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You think, I'm crazy nervous, I don't know what to do? (he's a soldier)

What has him being a soldier got to do with it lol! TBH my other half is a soldier and he prefers his women with a bit more meat on them. You just stick to what you are doing and if he doesnt like it tell him to lump it lol!!


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I know what you mean hun, I was always one to be nervous because of my weight etc, but the above posts are right, he has to love you for you, and yep by then you could be 3 stone down, you never know, could be a bit more, exercise when you can, plenty of water, and 100% and you'll be fine, and feeling good too! xx


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I have lost 42lbs (3st) in 7 weeks. Stuck to the diet 100% and was on SS+ and 810 over Christmas. If you stick to the diet the weight will fall off. How fast it does is all individual.


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I lost 2st 10lb in 7 weeks last time I did SS, but I fell off because the OH and I split up lol. Forgive me, as I really dont wish to sound rude, but the more you have to lose, the quicker your weight loss is at the beginning.

Please do keep us updated how you are doing.


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I have not posted in a long time, but back on the wagon again now since Jan 1 and so far 20 pounds down. I'm hoping for 3 stone by the end of feb. Have started doing 2 excercise classes a week - circuit training and spinning and am really enjoying them and I am not a lover of excercise.

Best wishes with your goal.


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i lost 3st 13.5lbs in 14 weeks xxx


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i lost 27lbs in 6 weeks, been a bit slow now but its my own fault!