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How Long is the RTM programme?

Just wondering how many weeks RTM is? And also if anyone has gone into management earlier than their original weight goal?

I've been doing LL since March last year on and off. Lost 3 stone in foundation then a further stone in development before going on holiday and struggling ever since to get restarted. It was a fantastic thing to do and I feel so much better now than I did in March last year and believe that I'll never let myself get so overweight again.

Started again two weeks ago and have been 100% abstinent and focused again. But my goals are getting a bit mixed up!! The main reason I've been focused is not because I feel I need to lose loads more weight but because I was struggling to fit into a normal size off the peg bridesmaid dress for a wedding in May. Anyway we've found some lovely dresses, mine fits now (and looks lovely, love the dress) and now I don't really want to lose much more weight by being abstinent.... The lovely bride won't let me buy a smaller dress to slim into which I think is fair enough and its not the sort of material for modifications.......
So I was thinking of doing it for another 3 weeks and then following the management programme to stabilise my weight and have a better relationship with food. Any opinions are welcome, I'm a size 16/18 at the moment and feel okay apart from my problem area which is my belly and thats stretched to hell and never going to be flat. I've been exercising so feel healthy even though my finish BMI is going to be a bit high at 27. Feeling confused and not sure if my LLC will go for it, can you set your own goal even if its outside the healthy range of weights (which I've always thought was a bit harsh anyway) Sorry for the rambling nature of the post, it feels like a big decision!!!!!
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Deb G

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I think (from memory - starting in about 3 weeks) that it is a 12 week programme. I think they prefer your BMI to be in the 'healthy' range, but you actually lose weight in the first few weeks, so as youres is 27 they may let you in early - afterall BMI is only a loose indicator of healthy weight as it doesn't take into account muscle. I'd have a chat with your LLC and see what she suggests!


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I thought you could go into management when you felt the time was right? I don't want to go any lower than a 27 bmi so is this going to exclude me? maybe I'll speak to my LLC about this and double check. :)
Thanks for the replies. A 12 week programme would be great, would take up me exactly up to the wedding. Then I could re-evaluate to see if I wanted to lose anymore weight. I like food (is that a little obvious:p!!!!!!!) normally do lots of cooking and eating out etc so I want a realistic goal weight that I can maintain not with ease but without it being a massive battle. I'll speak to LLC at weigh in tonight. Thanx again x


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Hi Julie
It is a 12 week programme and generally you still lose in the first 4 weeks and approx 7lbs, this is just a rough guide my LLC said (I am planning another 4 weeks before RTM so am getting all the info just now.
I would say, however, that you should go into RTM when YOU think you are ready and happy, not when someone else doesn't want you to be thinner than them. You are doing this for you and nobody else.
You could go into RTM early and you can then always go back a few steps and take off a little more later on if you want to.
I have read through the RTM book and pretty sure that once you have been through the programme that you will be much more geared up for managing your weight long term.
We all like our food, that's why we ended up here, as long as you manage your weight well there is no reason why you can't continue to enjoy food, just slightly differently than before.

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