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how long on the scales?


One last chance
You won't notice much as you lose water weight in the first and second week. You'll probably notice after 3-4 weeks. Depends on how it affects you :)


maintaining since June'09
I wouldn't recommend you get on the scales at all during the week if you can help it. Try to stick to the weekly weigh in! Having said that - you'll probably see a difference after just a day or so but of course that won't be fat loss, it'll be water.
After the 1st week a lot of us notied a rather strange but common phenomenon whereby the scales at home didn't budge for about 5 days - some even went up! So we all got paranoid that it wasn't working etc etc etc only to find a sudden drop in the last couple of days. This is why weighing weekly if you can possibly manage it is the best idea. x
I completey agree with jan, I had a sneeky peek was the same for 4 days - i fort whats the point! Im gonna go and eat! my mum talked me out of it thank goodness! Hold out as long as you dont cheat it will work!
Only started using my scales since I began maintenance...and only once a week as advised by Summergurl....in case I became obsessive. So would definately put them in a cupboard until you have finished the LT total meal replacement....just have your WI. It's really good to look forward to.
Im obsessed with weighing myself, even before this diet, so im sure it'll still continue :(

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