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How long will it take me to loose 3 stones?


So I have done the cambridge diet before and had fantastic weight loss in such small time. This was 2 years ago :cry:
It was something ridiculous like loosing 3 stones in 5 weeks and that was not doing it properly, since then, I have been lucky to start and continued for maybe a week or so and then it flopped. Most I have done is a week. I have spend thousands of pounds because in the past 2 years, every week I would buy products, I would have them and flop and then think, ok, I will start 2mrow. :mad: Im so angry at myself.

Moreover, I have in total put on the 3 stones I lost plus an extra 1 stone and 17 pounds.

I wont dwell on the past and I decided to myself, if i dont do it now then I will never do it and I cannot justify spending all the money and I will have to do it the hard way. So I found a new counsellor and I am sooooo happy because she gave me 21 tetra bricks!!! One of the problems I kept flopping on the diet was because Im a lazy cow and I always forget to wash my milkshake bottles and it all gets stinky then I cant bare to use the same one again because I am swear I can taste the lingering mould smell. :break_diet:

Well, eitherway, Im in it to win it now. I am to date, 18 stones 7. I would like to loose 3 stones ASAP to motivate me and inspire me but I fear not seeing good results will upset me and demotivate me.

Can anyone tell me when they think i could loose 3 stones. Can it be 5 weeks like before?
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3 stones in 5 weeks is a tad optimistic. But I reckon that if you stick to Sole Source 100%, you could lose a stone and a half in the first month, then a stone the next month and a stone the following month. So you could probably lose 2 stone in 5-6 weeks, then the 3rd stone over the next 4 weeks after that. So 3 stone in ten weeks, maybe?

And there's absolutely no reason why you can't have 3 tetras every day for the whole time you're on Cambridge. Maybe break up the boredom with the odd bar or porridge here and there?

Go for it! :D


Working on it
I'm in my fifth week of Cambridge and fourth week of sole source and I'm 2stone 1lb down with no blips and no cheats so not too far off maybe a couple more weeks to 3 stone gone x
general weightloss is a stone a month with cd anything else is a bonus :D:D