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How long....


Violet is shrinking
hmmm the Xenical are working, I wouldn't worry about that however, if you're eating a naturally low fat diet, like loads of veg, I don't think you'll see a huge difference in losses and Xenical only works with fat, so if you're not eating enough fat, there's nothing for it to work with.

If you mean toilet behaviour, then everyone is different, some people get constipated (cough cough Sam ;)) some people have a looser sloppy poo, some people go every other day, you can't really judge on what's happening in the toilet department.

Bear in mind though, that Xenical stays in the system for up to 73 hours after you took the tablet.
Thanks for your replies - they always make me smile cos I love a bit of Eric!!!

I think with me the tabs may not really aid weight loss but they'll make me stick to it for fear of tango effect.... I don't have the willpower normally!



Violet is shrinking
The Xenical, can't not work...it removes a third of the fat you eat :)
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I had a day last week of just 9g because I had eaten mostly salad lol. Still take them tho because they stay in your system and will help with the day before or the day after.
My friend who has been really successful on them over the last year, over 5 stone loss says that she only takes hers now if she knows she is going to be having more fat than she should. She said that they almost retrain you, well I hope that is true for me too!

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