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How low is ver low?


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It's £36 a week, which I thought at first seemed a lot but you don't spend any money on food or drink (I prob spent that on wine alone every week!)

I'm on my first week (day 6) and can tell I've already lost weight. I won't say it's easy, cos it's not... The smell of food in the first few days is like torture but once you start seeing the results you become more and more determined.

Obv the upcoming problem is Xmas, if you are planning on having a festive meal it might be worth waiting until after that to start?

Good luck with whatever you choose!x


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Or you could try Slim and Save VLCD (we have a forum on here beneath this forum). You'll need to be self motivated as there is no one to keep you on track but yourself, but you'll find help and suport via the forum. It comes out at about £25 or so a week I believe if you buy a monthly pack, although I buy the packs as and when I need certain flavours so don't buy them in set chunks. You'd probably lose a bit more than a stone in the first month (many people lose a stone in a couple of weeks at the start) and then a stone on average every 4 weeks thereafter, but you have to stay on track as this diet is not very forgiving. It's very strict but very effective and fast :)


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wow it seems very tempting but i think finacially i cant afford it yet :( .i wud be having to buy food for all the family plus the lipotrim etc. i wud love to lose weight fast too because im fed up with being this size :(.where can u buy these? only on the sites or shops? and when u lose the weight do you keep it off ? x
You can buy it from chemists, you have to chat to the pharmacist first then you go back every week to be weighed. If you go to the lipotrim website you can find your nearest chemist. I've only been on it 7 days but would def recommend it x
there are a few options for a vlcd (it is very dangerous to try and got so low in cals on your own). My understanding is as follows:

Lighter life. The most expensive at about £70 a week, but for that you get group therapy / CBT. Products include shakes, soups, bars, porridge and 'meals' (more like a thick cupasoup than a ready meal). You buy through your therapist at meetings.

Cambridge diet. You have a consultant who you visit / visits you every week. (S)he weighs you, measures you and is there to help and advise with the diet. Around £42 a week for women under 5'8". The widest range of flavours (10 shakes, 6 soups, 3 porridges, 6 bars - and the only company to supply the 'tetra': a pre-prepared milkshake in a carton). You buy from your consultant.

Lipotrim - Like Cambridge by instead of a consultant you see a pharmacist. Cheaper (about £35 a week), there are three shakes, one soup and two flapjacks to choose from. Buy at the pharmacy.

Exante - Very cheap if you buy the monthly pack, it works out at £25. However you don't get to pick your products, and the range is fairly limited - though there's more choice than lipotrim (4 shakes, 4 soups, 2 bars). The only vlcd not to use aspartame and to avoid other chemicals such as preservatives. Buy online.

Slim and Save. Same price as Exante if you buy a monthly pack. 8 shakes, 3 soups, 4 bars, porridge, cottage pie and spaghetti bolognaise - though again, think cupasoup rather than ready meal. Buy online.

There are others... but tbh, they're all much of a muchness, and women will all lose about a stone a month after the first month. Men will lose more. It depends what suits you best. I stay with CD because of the tetras, and because i don't like chocolate milkshake so the bumper packs from other brands would be no good for me.
wow it seems very tempting but i think finacially i cant afford it yet :( .i wud be having to buy food for all the family plus the lipotrim etc. i wud love to lose weight fast too because im fed up with being this size :(.where can u buy these? only on the sites or shops? and when u lose the weight do you keep it off ? x
i can totally understand where ur coming from, same here , i have to by food for the whole family, on a very tight budget so i could afford it , i wish i could though, i dont know if this would help u or not , but in the past i would do my own very low cal diet. i would aim for 200-300 cals a meal, healthy!
eg porriage for brekki (28g sachet) made with water and sweetner, lunch,2 rivita with 2 slices of ham and tomato,with a low cal cuppa soup,dinner steamed chicken breast with steamed veg , if i found my weightloss slowing i would stick at 200 cals a meal, i would drink lots of water ,coffee with red milk,and diet drinks. i will stress to u though on times i would feel very dizzy,so i would have a couple sugars in my coffee, i didnt have potatoes though at all.when my weightloss got off to a flying start of a stone in a week, i lost 3 stone in 3 weeks . so at the weekend i would treat myself to a drink and takeaway( my blow out day) kept me motivated for a good week ahead. then when i wanted to maintain i would have one good day then one bad day. i would take multi vitamins to help with lack of vitamins . i dont know if this will work for u hun as everyone is different. i found this a cheaper way anything i wanted (i had no potatoes though) for 200-300 cals a meal , oh and i didnt exercise xx its not very healthy though, i did this for 2 years ,until i feel pregnant. i will prob get sum bad comments , but hay it worked for me
hope this helps

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I really advise against doing a VLCD using conventional food. You cant hope to have a balanced diets containing enough of the vits and mins you need to stay healthy. You also can't hope to take in enough protein to protect your lean muscle mass.

Exante is the cheapest I've found and works out at £26 per week inc p&p. It's tasty too. I only swapped onto Cambridge because my CDC has got me to goal twice before (at which point i thought my problems were over and stopped going) and my focus this time is maintenance rather than losing the weight through abstinence which I've found a doddle.

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