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How many calories are excreted as ketones in one day when in moderate ketosis?

Have any Atkins dieters wondered about this? This nerd here has and I've worked it out....approximately.

Someone in moderate ketosis has ~7mmol/L of ketones in their urine (I have some urine testing strips and have chosen the figure for moderate ketosis). As one mole of acetone (the ketone which is excreted) weighs 58g, this means that there is 0.406g of acetone in 1litre of urine.

If someone urinates on average 2litres of urine/day, this means that they have lost 0.812g of acetone. As acetone contains ~5kcals/g, 4.06kcals have been lost in one day.

If I assume (a dangerous thing, I know!) that an equal amount is lost in breath and sweat, that means that the total amount of energy lost in one day by being in moderate ketosis is.......

12 Calories!

Cheers, Nige (a fervent supporter of the Atkins diet, by-the-way).
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