How many calories do you burn per session?


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I mean during your 'workouts', not including walks during the day, dancing at clubs or anything like that.

I go to the gym about 4 times a week now, the machines at my gym allow you to enter your weight and give you an estimate of how many calories you are burning during your workout. At the end it gives you a number of how many calories you burned altogether.

I was wondering, how many calories do you burn or aim to burn?
I never burn less than 500 and always aim for 800 (rarely get there though).
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I like to run and that burns about 100 per mile. I run about 30 miles a week (minimum) and I also do a 1 mile swim, 1 hour circuit session and 1 hour with a trainer. So the answer is a lot! :) Add in the dog walking, a wee bit of fell walking ...! I never really thought about it before. why am I not a stick insect then...mmmm must be the chocolate cake I'm partial to :sigh:


Yeah I am not sure how much I burn at the gym, all I know is that it can easily be wasted by a couple poor food choices. Kind of frustrating, but also good in a way because then the gym trip gives you even more motivation to east well.


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ive just started indoor cycling and im doing 30 minutes per day and burning in the region of 270 calories.
im hoping that as the weeks go on i can do 1hours exercise per day and burn more, but ive got to start somewhere eh. lol.


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I have no idea, I DO NOT watch the calorie counter I just sweat (buckets, it looks like I have been swimming after my cardio sessions) and get out of breath and go as fast and hard as I can for as long as I seems to work fine for me...although I do set time or distance or HIIT programmes rather than watch the calories...on estimation though, I am sure I hit the 600 per hour mark every time...