how many calories perday?


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Hey, I'm only just starting out too and I'm aiming for 1100-1200 per day but I'm short so can't really afford to eat much more than that compared to what i'll burn off!


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i do 1000cals a day...about once a week i will eat a little more to boost my body. Works great for me and keeps me losing atleast 2lbs a week! Goodluck


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i eat or try to eat 1000 a day cuz am like short at 5'1 so i dont need much but i think you shoudl haf about 1200-1300 cals a day . just depends how u exercise n what exactly you eat to loose weight .


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I'm on 1000 a day too. Works really well for me, but I was advised by my doctor to do it, I am supposed to have the odd week at 1200 but I haven't really bothered.

there is a calculator thing you can get that calculates how many cals you need to drop before you lose weight.

Good luck!!


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Like some of the others I too am on 1000 calories. It works for me too (as long as I stick to it). I'm sure you'll do well! :) All the best!


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thanks for the replies, i think i'll start at 1200 and see how it goes


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I'm on CD now but have calorie counted. My advice is to start as high as you can because as you lose you may need to drop down. If you start at 1000 there isn't very far you can go!

Work out what you burn (there are daily calorie needs calculators on the net) and decide what to drop from it. 1000 cal drop per day should give you 2 pounds a week loss, 500 cals a 1 pound loss.


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Hi, I'm on 1300 coz as coley144 says you sometimes need to drop down. Depends how quick you want to lose it too, I don't mind how long it takes and am happy with half pound losses or even to sts as long as I get some sort of loss each month.



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Just joined my slimming club tonight and I have been given a calorie allowance of 2000!! Of course I have got a lot of weight to lose and I am 5' 10".

Lost weight before at 1500 a day and didn't drop below that right up to goal.

I have decided I will do this week at 1,750 and see how it goes.


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I shoot for an average of 1,200. Sometimes it's 1,000, sometimes it's 1,500. Today it's, er, about 1,600 due to an urge for crisps :D