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How many carbs?


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Hi everyone

I have been beating myself up and I am driving myself crazy still wandering what is the right plan for me and low carb keeps winning lol. Was gonna give lipotrim another go today but decided not to. Time of the month lol so carb cravings will be sky high.

Can I ask do people find if they stick to the 20g carbs they generally lose more weight than when they introduce more carbs. Jim I know you said you lost more weight at the beginning of the atkins plan and then it stayed to a 2/3lb weight loss each week. Can I ask how many carbs did you consume in these following weeks or did you stick to 20carbs?


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I stayed on induction and 20 carbs a day for 6 months sherby and then about 3 Years on OWL at about 30 - 35 carbs a day. I added the carbs in very slowly once I came out of induction. I still get the majority of my carbs from green leaf veggies I'm pleased to say.


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Okay Jim thanks. I have decided and I am going to stick to it this time and I will be continuing with low carb for life. I did slimming world for a few days this week and ended up feeling tired and lethargic and also hungry. I have started back on low carb today and I feel good already. I have an event coming up in 6 weeks and my aim was to lose as much weight as I can but I have told myself that I will go with low carb and whatever comes off comes off. It isn't worth pushing myself to the extremes starving myself and being miserable. Also because I start uni in 3 weeks I will need all the energy I can get. This is a big decision for me but it is like acknowledging my limitations and also most importantly about being happy in my own skin.

If I am a size 18 at the event instead of a 16 so what. At least I can take things easy and stop getting myself all frustrated. I know that if I stick to low carb the weight will come off eventually but at least this way I am not hungry and I am full of energy. My next goal I think will be for the summer. I want to walk up a mountain. I did 2450 ft of the 2500 ft last time and I am so peeved at myself but there was no way I could do the last 50 ft. That is my next goal.

Sherby xx

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