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How many coffees/teas do you have a day?


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I'm having 3 or 4 black teas, which is pretty much what i would have had before starting the diet.

Which reminds me i must get DF to bring some teabags home with him as we're almost out lol
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I have about 4-5 decaf coffees. I cant stand it black, though, so ahve been using a banana tetra split during the day as milk in each cup. It gives me something to look forward to (!)

I thought it was a great brainwave to do that, but soon had to switch to decaf from regular as I was getting a bit twitchy!

An added bonus is it helps me get more water down. I dont really like plain water, and each of my cups of coffee is 0.25 litres. I also try to get an extra 3 litres water down as well.
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i only have 1 cup of black de caff coffee a day.. sometimes i may have a few more depends if i fancy one or if i got company etc..

i drink minimum of 3 litres of water a day now, up to 6 sometimes.. :)

i tryed coffee with choc tetra but i didnt like it... :(


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Currently i cant be bothered to have proper packs.. so i have three mochas (choc tetra with coffee).. a day.. on top of that i have about 5 cups of green tea.. and about 1 or 2 peppermint.. lol..

x x


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I have bout 4-5 coffees per day, don't like black tea so don't drink it. Sometimes I throw a splash of tetra in them but I like black coffee. Its roughly same amount I drank before CD.

I also have bout 5 litres water on top of that..... just a 'little' increase on the amount before CD ;)
Im not a big tea coffe drinker so have none. Only if im in someones house or something!! usually with a bit of a tetra to help cool it cuz hate black tea/coffee!!


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I'm having about 6/7 cups of black coffee/green tea plus about 4-5 pints of water a day. No wonder I'm always in the loo!


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I have about 10 cups of tea a day (maybe more), but im naughty i HATE it black yet cannot live without my tea so i have a little SS milk in mine...x


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Yay Beverley, i have a tea buddy....Fancy a fresh brew?...lol x

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