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how many is too many?


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Just out of curiosity i wondered how many shakes is too many shakes in one 24 hour period.
To keep the feeling of fullness could you go up to 5 shakes in one day if it was only every so often. Could you overdose on minerals and vitamins by doing this?
Surely by having an extra shake this is better to make you full rather than eating even if you arent hungry!)

What would you do as a last resort if you needed to feel full?
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Hi Lynjo,

I'm no expert but no-one else has replied so here's my 2p worth... :D

I think if you have more shakes than you're supposed to there's a risk that you will fall out of ketosis since they contain small amounts of carbs.

The ways I use to feel full are:
- water, water, water
- Porridge made with psylllium husks
- I split my packs and have six small meals rather than three large ones
- more water....

If you are absolutely desperate and just have to eat something, then opt for protein (e.g. plain chicken) or brocolli or something (whatever it says in the book for AAM) rather than anything else. However it really is MUCH easier if you can just drink some more water and get through that hungry feeling.

Hope this helps!


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Well im allowed 4....so thats all i have :)


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Not sure about shakes, but why not have a cup or 2 of the savoury veg drink to help you feel full, instead of 5 shakes. I do admit to having the coke zero if I want to eat something as I feel it fills me up and stops me having something else. So far, so good, it hasn't knocked me out of ketosis.
Only my CDC training day, we were told that the occasional intake of 5 packs was fine, but only now and then, not every day.

I was told that if i do get really hungry then i could have an extra pack. I think the only thing wrong with taking 5 packs would be that the increased carbs would make you fall out of ketosis.

Why dont you try a CD bar thing and have bites of it through the day?? That might fill you up more??

To keep full, i am sticking to my water, even though somedays its tastes vile.

Good Luck xx :)

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