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How many meals does everybody eat each day?

I never was a picker.

Well its high time you learn to cook mrs. gere :character00250:
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well little pickers wear big knickers i know, but i'm a little picker wearing littler knickers, so there :cool: I don't want to learn to cook, I might get good at it and want to cook all the time then I'd be back to square one!
I suppose breakfast could be construed as a meal, but I tend to have an alpen bar, I wouldnt call it a meal as such. And we eat our own food as it's just easier this way or one will want a meal even if they didn't really want one at that time and would feel they had to eat just because... and I don't think he would wait from 9am till 5pm when I got up to have his breakfast ;) I suppose we arent set meal time people.

(ps Mr Gere lost 4lbs this week:cool:)
Way to go Richard! My hubbys waist is dwindling down too, he hasn't lost on the scale yet, but his tank is toning down because of his daily gym workouts for an hr afterwork..., go hubbies go. 15 more posts for you to go and we can chit amongst ourselves.


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I'm still a picker, but I guess it's not mindless picking as it was before.

I just like to eat little and often :)
He wants to be a buff beauty like his trophy bride I think! :worthy:


Losing the baby fat
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who? yours or mine? answer=both!;)

when i joined 'slimmer' years and years ago, we filled in a questioner, the answers revealled whether you were a 3 meals a day kind of person or a little and often kind of person, and they gave you a diet depending on what catagory you fit into.

Some people, especially those with kids or who work, are more suited to the 3 meals a day as it's like family time, but we eat whenever and where ever. it's a rare occasion we eat at the same time and the same thing! if we do we sabotauge each others diets up - but it's still me who washes all the dishes :confused:
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Hey ladies,

I'm trying to lose weight through calorie counting and exercise. I read somewhere that little and often is better for your metabolism, so I try and have a healthy breakfast, then a mid-morning snack, then a smallish lunch, afternoon snack, then a healthy dinner.

I have lost 5lbs since beginning of Jan doing this. I'd be interested if anyone else is low cal/exercising to lose weight how long it is taking you to lose?

Hi Wannabeslim,
Yes I Calorie Count. I Started My Weightloss Journey In January & I Reached My 25 Pound Goal In March 2007.


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My husband is a calorie counting. We started together on 7th January this year and he has lost 2 stones since then. He gets up early for a Special K sustain breakfast fruit during the day then cooks a big (VERY big) calorie controlled te when he gets in. Its certainly working for him, he is looking good.


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S: 14st5lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st12lb(5.97%)
I imagine Sara that having the breakfast starts your metabolism off and it lets you know when you need re-fuelling earlier than if you had nothing first thing. Have you tried starting the day with cheese and ham? Protein keeps you going for ages and ages.


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I'm the same (even if I eat protein for breakfast). I tend to eat more throughout the day if I eat breakfast.
I incorporate protein in each of my 3 meals, it satisfies me till the next meal.


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I eat three small meals a day and three snacks...sometimes maybe even four/five snacks...depending on how many cals I have left.

Boo x


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I have one main meal and just graze throughout the day, that seems to work best for me, I normally have my first lot of munchies about 11.30 am. I very rarely have breakfast, I'm just not hungry first thing in the morning. :)

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