How many pickles can i have on AAM


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Im on AAM week and want to know how many pickles aprox i could have with my chicken per day. They are the bigish brown sort i have, not the little ones. Also do you think even when im not on an AAM week a pickle now and again when I get the odd hunger pang would really matter?
You can't have pickles on AAM with the exception of pickled red cabbage and that will be within your two tablespoons allowance plus your protein option.

only just read these replies as havent been able to get on site after ages. I was sure i read pickles were allowed in the booklet. If not then can you explain why pickles would be a no, no, I cant see what is in them that would stop ketosis etc. As it happens just after I posted this question the site went down for me so i played it by ear and had 3 large pickles and a small amount of chicken and lost 4lb this week, yay, if they werent allowed i must just be lucky.
I cant see any reason why pickles arnt allowed i used to eat them all the time when i did Low-Carb.

Well done on the 4 lbs weight loss!
Hi Bambi

Do you mean onions?

If it's onions I think they have a lot of natural sugar, that's why they caramalise when you cook them.

I'm no expert though.

Dizzy x
Ohh i thought you meant piclked onions??