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How many points are you on ?


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Ok so the nosey in me is escaping. I was just wondering how many points people are on a day as someone mentioned somewhere that you will not be able to spend so many on snacking when your points drop and you have to really look at your meals to keep you full up and maybe choose low point snacks like fruit lol.

Anyway i have 25 points a day now ( dropping to 24 come Saturday i hope ) and i find it relativley easy to manage to be honest but i couldnt imagine being on 18 or 19 just yet hahahaha:confused:

So come on ladies humour me, how many can YOU eat
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im on 21 a day at the moment and am findng it plenty! .....am dreading being on 17/18 a day not sure how ill cope! plenty of 0pt soup i reckon and less of the snacks! LOL


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I'm on 19 and its not too bad. I am a big big salad fan tho so I fill up on 0pt food like lettuce, tom, cucumber, gerkins, and beetroot. Then my points come from the tasty stuff like cheese.
Jackets Pots are awesome too. I snacked today on low fat crisps and smarties mini's. 1.5 pts but makes u feel u've had choccy!


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I'm on 18 this week for a kickstart and then as of Thursday I'm on 19.

I normally do 18 easily to be honest without any naughty snacks!! :-(
I generally have things like have muesli or weetabix for breakie, salad with cheese/tuna for lunch and then salmon, sweet pot and brocc for dinner - I have a yoghurt, apple, satsuma during the day so no points left for bedtime treat! :-(
It's all healthy eating though so I s'pose its all good. xx Just wish I had a point left for a Jaffa Cake before bed... **poor Candace**


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Lol im sure with all the exercise you do you could justify 1 jaffa cake before bed


Me on the right! x
I know - I just get that guilt trip that I'll put weight on by being a little bit naughty. (Not that I'm always like that hence my 41 points on Friday! ) :) x
Oooo I might treat myself to that Jaffa Cake tonight then - if I dont lose tomorrow I'm coming after you! :) xx Your not that far down the M25 from me! :)

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I am on 21 - although the first week I did Kick start and so only had 18.

Last week I struggled to eat all my points and only averaged about 19 a day.

After my big blow out on Saturday (37 points) I am clawing back a couple of points a day to try and even things out over the week - so am doing 19 again.

For me it really is loads to eat and includes a few snacks - usually low point crisps/Alpen Light bars/cake bars/yoghurts. I have still managed to squeeze in a chinese each week too!


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I'm dreading being on a lower point range as well but the lower points means a lower weight so it's all for a good cause!!

I'm currently on 26 :)


nearly there!! :)
ok im on 23 and because i dont really enjoy the 0pointed foods lik the soup or that i have to use the majority of mine on food. im seriously starting to look at my snacking though cause i think its gonna be my downfall when i do get to goal!!!!!