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How many syns should I have?


Is so doing it this time
I was just wondering how many syns everyone else tends to have each day. This is the end of my first week on SW. I have found that I'm having at least 10 syns a day, quite often 2 or 3 over that but I've never had less than 9. I've lost 7½lb in my first week :D I know its only a big loss because I have loads to lose and my starting weight of 16st 2lb was high.

Any advise would be very much appreciated as I'm going it alone on SW :)
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im sure they say try to average have 10 a day. if you look in october 08 sw mag on their 7 day eating plan all their syns for the week add up to 49.5 syns for the week so thats approx 7 a day. hope that helps


soon to be skinny minnie
Most days i have been having 10, but if i'm really needing something i have an extra 5.
I try to stick to 3-5 syns a day and then have a big blow out once a week or so and have 50-90 syns on a night out. This week it was 123, which is far too many - but that's rare!

Since joining Slimming World, I have heard the following:

- You should not save up your syns to be used on a certain day or at the weekend (SW website);
- It's fine to save your syns and have 105 per week instead of 15 per day (my consultant);
- For maximum weight loss, you should eat all your 15 syns per day (online forums);
- For maximum weight loss, you should avoid eating all your syns every day and cut down (my consultant);
- You should start with 15 syns per day then if your weight loss slows down, you start by cutting back your syns to 10 per day (online forums);
- You should start with 10 per day and then you can always increase these whilst still loosing weight when the diet gets boring (online forums);
- Using flexible syns is good for your weight loss as it increases your metabolism (SW consultant);
- Using flexible syns is bad for your weight loss and should be avoided and only done when you have no alternative (SW website)

As you can see, both at the classes and online, there's lots of theories!

Personally, I find it impossible to stick to this diet if I can't have a blow out night out once a week. I'm in my late 20s, so I don't need to go out every night - but I do want to see friends and have fun on the town once a week or so. That wouldn't be possible unless I could save syns.

Also, if I ate my full syns every day AND had a big night out - I wouldn't loose weight. That would be fine for maintenance (and probably what I'll end up doing to keep the weight off once I've lost another two stone!) but not for weight loss.

You have to tailor this diet to your own personal circumstances. If you eat steadily, I think it's fine to eat 10-15 a day and expect a reasonable weight loss. If you binge on alcohol or bad foods every now and again, you need to cut it down.

There's lots of people with lots of theories - many of which are contradictory. You have to figure out what works for you.
Totally up to you how many you have but if you want them think about it and then still want them then have them
I also reckon it depends on what the syn is, some syns are beneficial to the diet and make what your cooking taste nicer such as adding something to a sauce this makes the diet more interesting and you more likely to stick to it but if its just a syn because hey i can have 15 syns a day and im going to eat them all even though im not hungry then its pointless using them

I tend to think have i got any free food in the house or I am i really starving i fancy something thats a syn i have syns left i want it so im having it.

the majority are syns because they dont have as much nutrional benefits as the free foods but they are at the end of the day usually the stuff that tastes nice and help you stick to the diet i tend to try and eat between 7 & 10 a day

I know my ticker says i have lost nothing on SW but i lost 4lbs on LT refeed following SW and also lost about 10lbs before LT following SW thought got bored and gave up because i didnt know mini's existed for help and was going it alone so didnt know about the wonders of pasta n sauce or muller light literally lived on free food and Hex A's n B's if it wasnt in the book i didnt eat it


Just follow the plan
I have 15 syns a day, seems to be working for me, I have 8.5 stone to lose.
hey I tend not to use my sins in the week... occasionally a glass of wine but I do have one naughty flexible sins night out on the town... feeling really rough today though and all i want to do is eat.

Not sure how healthy it is but I've also been struggling to use my healthy extras.... any advice?
hey piglet where you going skiing?
Yeah one of the reasons I struggle is I am wheat free! Also have to limit dairy. food intolerances suck
It is all very interesting

I don't really use many of mine except if I would like a cuppa and want one sugar... I have tried so many of these not sugar products and so far canderel is coming up tops!

Sorry thought Piglet I don't know as I am doing this at home alone too.

Good luck thought :)


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I have all 15 and have done ok so far. I agree with earlier post that you have to find what works for you. Just have what you need (up to 15 obv) so you don't end up deprived and then blow it. x


Is so doing it this time
:wow: Thanks guys :thankyou: that is mega brilliant advise. Sorry was away from PC doing stuff with the children, apparently I'm on here all the time now.... mind you this place is totally addictive! I've just been reading all the posts :read: Gosh Northernboi what an awful lot of conflicting advise, but like you said I think I'll have to see what works for me.

Amm451 I'm going to France. We're going with my brother and his gang and get this the dogs go to and they have their own ski outfits and snow boots! :giggle:The children and DH want to snowboard this year but I think I'll sit that one out!

Never thought of cheese on toast for using HEX's.... :gimi::eatdrink012: esp with HP sauce..... humm thing is I adore cheese so I had better not try that, if I start on cheese I know I wont be able to stop after I've had what I'm allowed!

Piglet x
Hey piglet, I'm heading to France too, Val D'Isere for me.... love it that the dogs have their own outfits.

You never know we might just meet up on the piste.


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At group we were told that if you're over 16 stone you can have 20 syns a day, 10-16 stone and you have 15 a day and under 10 stone you have 10 syns a day, but you can spread them out over the week how you like.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
At group we were told that if you're over 16 stone you can have 20 syns a day, 10-16 stone and you have 15 a day and under 10 stone you have 10 syns a day, but you can spread them out over the week how you like.
that's really interesting - i'm WELL over 16 stone (in the 20's) and i've never been told that. however i do know someone who went to SW once who was about 34 stone and he was given extra sin allowance.

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