How many tetra's a day do you have?


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At the moment I only have one a day for lunch but was wondering how many other people had?
How good would it be if they did a wider range of Tetra's I would be chuffed to bits lol.
Hi hun - you can have 3 a day, if you're 5' 7" or under - 4 if you're taller. You just have to make sure that you have an extra glass of water with them.


Is has the tetra more calories than an ordinary milkshake?

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Thanks, jfc, yes it should be the same cals - it's just more concentrated cos it's 200ml, not 225 mls that you make the shakes/soups up with. (I used to use more to make them bigger lol)
Hun - how can it be wrong to indulge in a lovely chocolatey thing that is actually good for you and helps you lose weight lol!