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how much bread?

Right so Im reading food diaries here and getting worried I eat too much bread.
first thing i rarely eat white bread. and secondly I mostly buy polish bread which is different than ones sold in the supermarket. last week we bought bread that had two flours in-rye and wheat one.
I never go over 2 pieces a day but seeing how you all cut it down im thinking weekly i eat loads of it dont i?
Im not much of a salad eater and those two slices for lunch is what i have along with a yoghurt and fruit,sometimes a cereal bar.

so im asking how much bread do you eat weekly and what do you consider healthy amount?
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Personally, next to none. It's so many calories for so little that I generally don't bother! Bread is my major weakness so easier to stay away! There isn't really a healthy or unhealthy amount, it's fitting it in with your diet and as long as you're not eating a loaf a day I'm sure it's fine! Just make sure it's wholemeal/wholegrain if you want healthy versions!
Well its my lunch really as i have cereal in the morning and no snacks.two slices of bread and a yogurt after should b ok calorie wise.
So maybe its not too bad. What does others think?
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I decided I couldn't stand salads anymore for lunch so I have 2 slices of WW Malted Danish each day to make a sandwich. It suits me and I don't think it is too indulgent.



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If it's something you enjoy then I wouldn't cut it out of your diet completely. I don't know much about polish bread but I do think wholegrain is a healthier option. I'm not a huge fan of wholegrain bread though so I tend to either use lower calorie white bread, warburtons sandwich thins (100 calorie and very naughty tasting!) or pitta bread/wraps. Hope that's some help! :)


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for me; i knew it was where a lot of my weight gain or lack of weight loss was so saddly i only eat one slice a week! but you may find that there is something else in your diet that prevents you lossing weight like pasta or potatoes it just a case of working it out x x

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