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How much can I expect to lose on 790?


Loving the Cambridge Diet
The weight loss will slow down the closer you get to a BMI of 25.

You are doing well at 2lbs per week loss, though.

The stay-the-same could be due to totm or water retention.

Hope it goes better for you x
I'm only 3 lbs from BMI 25 but about 20 lbs heavier than I used to be. I want to lose another stone to be comfortable with myself. I'm wondering whether to stop CD and just do a ww type eating plan because at least then I can eat without being so restricted
My losses below hun! It's an uphill battle aint it!!
It feels like it and that's why I'm wondering if it's worth all the deprivation for 2 lbs a week! It's the first time I've faltered and I'm fed up of being unable to have a social life!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
You should be on 1000 Plan by now!!!

That is why your weight loss has all but stopped!

At BMI of 25 you don't have the bodyfat to maintain 790.

At BMI of 25 plus one stone you go up to 790 for a week then to 1000 Plan.

Did your CDC not tell you this?
No she said do one more week at 790 then go to 1000. I'm worried I'll start gaining on 1000. How does that work then i.e. that I haven't got enough bodyfat to maintain 790? Yes I'm on one bar a day which is the same as I've done since week 3


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Your body needs more calories at this point.

Giving it only 790 will send it into conservation mode!

The bars won't be affecting you, it is the fact that you should have been on 1000 Plan weeks ago!



Loving the Cambridge Diet
You should continue to lose weight at a higher rate than you are at present because you are giving your body some fuel to work with.

On 1000 most folks lose about 2lbs per week, which is ideal to get you down to where you want to be.

If you go to one of the sites on the internet to work out your Basal Metabolic Rate - BMR - you input your age, height and weight and it will tell you how many calories your body needs just to tick over, without exercise or anything else. Then you can work out from there what your calorie intake might be, roughly, so that you don't gain weight in the future. It is more complicated than that but it will give you a rough idea.

Hope all goes well :)
Can someone tell me whether this is correct or not? I'm so scared of going to 1000 because I'm convinced I'll gain weight but if I have to move up at this point I will.
My CDC told me that I shouldn't do 790 for much longer than a couple of weeks as I am BMI 25 plus just over a stone and 790 is still considered a VLCD, she advised after a couple of weeks I should move up to 1000.

Hope this helps.

Not started it yet, CDC advised that I step up to it from next Monday so will let you know.


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