how much can i expect to lose ??


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hello i thought id join here and ask for some advice

i have been dieting since having my baby four weeks ago, i have had t stop breastfeeding and so i have spoken to my doctor who has said it is ok to diet , exercise etc i had been watching what i eat and have lost 1 1/2 stone since having mydaughter in four weeks

currently i am doing a body toner and belly shirinker part of a work out dvd and walking on a incline on a treadmill for twenty mins per day and having a short jog

i am aiming to eat 1000 cals a day

my typical day is

scrambled eggs for breakfast or special k

jackey pot with beans for lunch

and a normal dinner just a smaller portion depending on how many cals i have left

i am in a tight loose fitting 18 at the moment and i want to get into a small fitted 16 by middle of january is this possible ?

any ideas etc ? could i cut my cals down futher ??
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